Friday, October 21

something furry this way runs

I saw one. Just one. One tiny little furry mouse. I opened the door to the basement, not even in the basement, and saw it scurry from a nice size crack in the wall to under the stairs that I had to decent in order to do the laundry. Now, if we weren't in dire need of socks so badly that would have ended the laundry for the night, but sending a kid to school sockless just isn't an option in these parts. So, what do I do? What any good mother would do....I scream for my son to come and protect me from a tiny little mouse. He, of course, thinks it is hysterical that I am freaking out and need him. Also, he is more interested of finding his new little friend and getting a good look at him as opposed to scaring him away. This upsets me more because of course as a logical woman, I am convinced that the mouse will actually attack me as best a mouse can. Possible run right past me. So, I ask my darling son, "Please Max, can you just make a lot of noise to scare the little mouse away so I can go do the whites?" He did. And he made 3 more trips down there with me to protect me while I switched loads. Finally at 9:20, which was past bedtime but allowed because of the necessity of the clothes....I told him, one last time then I won't do laundry again until I get some mouse poison. He didn't like the idea of Mickey meeting his maker, but he understands. Get rid of the mouse, or help mom with laundry all the time.
When Max was younger, we were living in this little tiny one door house and we had mice that would run in the walls and keep me up at night. Scared me to death. What if they came in my bed?? The landlord told me to put traps inside brown bags that way if I caught one I just throw away the bag. Well, I caught one and it was inside the bag but couldn't go within 5 feet of the thing. So, my little 4 year old says, "Mom, I'll throw it away" and procedes to go and grab it. I jump, "No!!!" I didn't want my little baby touching an icky little thing inside a bag. But it had to go. And I couldn't do it. So, I gave him the BBQ tongs and said, "Here use these." He looked at me like I was nuts, but he did. Grabbed that little bag with the tongs and saved me. We kept those tongs in the basement, just in case he needed those mouse grabbers again, carefully labeled.
I have gone and purchased the Instant Kill Mouse Poison that apparently works like a trap, the little creepy walks inside, dines and dies. There is a handy indicator that I can see from a good distance. Then my little angel can do the deed and rid our house of those pesky little vermin. It is good to have a man around the house.


Anonymous said...

That's what I keep my cats for. Mice in the house are a pain in the neck.

Good luck with it.

Mimi said...

I agree, get a cat! Eeeek. The idea of a mouse freaks me out.