Monday, October 24

One down....

how many offspring could one mouse have??
Yes, I caught one of those wicked little furry menaces and outside of being grossed out that it was inside this little kill box, I was happy to rid my abode of at least one of them. Also, I like to pretend that it was just this one lone mouse that decided to invade my space and now he is gone...LOL.
Uneventful weekend, which is always good. Watched Sahara on dvd with Max, it is hard to find movies that the little guy can watch and I want to. So we settle with what they have and Friday night, unfortunately, Sahara was it. Stupid stupid stupid. And as Max said, "Boring and confusing". And I got to stand outside in the cold and rain Saturday morning to watch soccer. Gotta love those mornings. Now, we only have one more game this Saturday for the playoffs to see if his team will make it to 3rd place. They need to if they want to get trophies, which is still huge for kids this age.

Plus, we spent a little time running around getting pieces for the Halloween costume. I had succesfully talked him into being Pedro Sanchez from Napoleon Dynamite and thought that was great, but he overheard some kids talking about being Napoleon and that killed it. My son loves to be original and I love that about him. So he likes to stand out and have something that no one will have. Plus, he wants to win the school costume contest for most original. (won last year) So, last week we racked our brains trying to think of something original and a sign of the times. Those are always crowd pleasers. We decided on Donald Trump. He loved it. Has been practicing his best Donald impression all weekend and we even found a wig. So, the Donald it is! And now it is the big secret because he doesn't want anyone stealing the idea and he wants it to be a big suprise. Halloween fun!
I did a little bit of digi scrap last night. I just had to do something scrapbook, it is killing me. My girlfriend, Carol, gave me some Foofala paper on Saturday and I can't even use it...wahhhhh! So, I settle for this. These are both made with free kits from Shabby Princess. The Halloween kit is new and so cool.
I saw that there was a meme challenge posted on 2peas a little while ago and I am totally going to get to that tomorrow. My boss will be gone for the rest of the week, so I should dhave plenty of free time, just the way I like it.

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Mimi said...

I don't even want to contemplate that!

Great layouts, I especially love the Halloween one! good paper choices and I like the way you did the matting.