Tuesday, October 25

Musical Meme

Yay, a musical meme this week. (as posted by the fabu neeka on 2peas) I love to read all the other lists and see all the kooky nuances of my fellow bloggers. This week, thinking about all these groups has me humming songs that were long forgotten. Good stuff!

Embarassingly guilty pleasures in Music
  1. Barry Manilow. This one always gets attention and usually not in a good way, but I just love him. I even spent my 30th birthday at a Manilow concert! (but I wouldn't refer to myself as a fanilow)
  2. Michael Jackson. Never say that in a crowd. But I do love MJ music.
  3. Neil Diamond. This one is not that embarassing. I have found that most people actually love him, who wouldn't.
  4. Marilyn Manson
  5. Josh Groban. Funny that he is right below Marilyn Manson.
  6. J. Geils Band.
  7. Cyndi Lauper
  8. Styx. Love to belt out Lady!
  9. Broadway Show tunes.
  10. Culture Club. Unfortunately, Max has taken a liking to them as well and doesn't hesitate to belt out "I'll tumble for ya" anywhere which makes his dad cringe.

Love this challenge. Reminds me that I have a container of tapes that need to make their way to the trash because they don't play anymore, but I hate to get rid of memorabilia of my life. I know that some of those on my list have tapes in this collection, so I'll have to photograph before destroying the evidence.


Di said...

Hey there ya fellow MJ music luva! I also love Broadway show tunes, but being that I was in dance team and took jazz dance classes, that was not so embarassing in my crowd of friends, hehe. I have a collection of tapes, too, that I can't bear to part with, but I tried playing one or two about a year ago and they got a little wrinkled, but not eaten yet...*sigh* lol. Love the list!

Mimi said...

Fanilow! Bwhaahahahaahhaaha! Love some good Culture Club! I don't think you ever get out of the 80s, does one?