Wednesday, October 19

Don't Worry the Hair is Fine.

So, I know I forgot to post about the big hairy ordeal of my super uber fun weekend and actually it was an oversight. The day was actually good, fun. It started like any other Saturday...Soccer. But after that, Max was gone and I was out for a day of beauty! I started with a mani-pedi at the Sea Salon. The place was dead, not a soul around. I hate when it is like that in there, I feel like I am in that episode of Seinfeld when Elaine is convinced that the ladies that do her nails are talking smack about her in Korean. All the fast talking and giggling....that can't be anything good. Then it was off to meet Master Brett the Colorist. I had faith in Brett, he had gained my confidence when I went in for my consultation. I just reminded him I wanted Different, Black, Dark and Very Noticeable. I wanted to look like a completely different person when I walked out that door. He assured me I would and the slathering of goop began. I don't mind all the time that kinda stuff takes, I enjoy the lack of child and chit chat.
About an hour later....Black hair, or at least darker. I was scared to look at first especially while it was wet and not cut yet, was afraid I wouldn't get the full affect. But I had to peek and I is darker, but I don't think dark enough. Theresa called me crazy and said that it was darker than hers and at least a 3.
Now for all those who don't speak salon, which I do not, apparently there are different degrees of black, 5 being the darkest. I think. And by making me a 3, they thought that was Xtreme. (love that word when it starts with the X) Well it was not Xtreme enough.
I held my tongue and Theresa worked her magic, making me curly instead of frizzy wavy or straight. Great layers and after all the diffusing and the gianto curling iron...the hair style rocked! I am by no means saying that I rock, just the hair. A great haircut speaks for itself. The style was still long (winter is coming) but totally curly. Loved it!
But as I was finishing up, I just had to say again......not dark enough. So, we talked to Master Brett and he said, "Next time darker".
Well, went out that night and people definitely noticed that I had gotten a haircut but completely missed the color. Then my mom comes over the next day and says nothing. And Monday one noticed!!
That was the last straw. Called the salon and requested another appointment, explained the unnoticed color and Voila!.....I am getting it colored again. Now, I have to wait a week and my schedule is tight so it has to wait until the 29th, right in time for Halloween, but I am glad he is doing it for free. And I think now I have two new fears: #1 that Master Brett for fear that it will not be dark enough will make my hair so dark that in the dead of night it is invisible and #2 that all this coloring will make me lose all my hair.
Oh the price of beauty.
Need a before and after photo to give a good example....I'll have Max take one tomorrow and we will all be the judge!


Mimi said...

Whohoooo! Sounds fabulous! A day of pampering is always a good thing!

Collette Osuna said...

I was thinking of you and hoping you just FORGOT to look absolutely GORGEOUS woman!! The hair is perfect for you!! I hope you really like it:)
AND....the new header is just too cool!!
Look how happy you are in these photos!!LOL..about Seinfeld and Elaine, hehehehe...too funny!