Tuesday, October 18

Scrapbook Horoscopes

I'm still in a rut with my life, no house, living in boxes....all the same 'ol crap. I am so desperate to find something good to focus on that I actually turned to the horoscopes today. Now granted, I am the girl that totally buys all the superstition mumbo jumbo, but horoscopes and fortune tellers just aren't my thing. I'm not buying it. But as a last resort and in hopes that I would read, "you will win 10 million dollars tomorrow", I had to check it out. This is what I read:

October 18, 2005
A phone call could come from a friend that brings great news your way today, spazzgirl. This could involve the success of a project of some kind that you've both been involved with. The news should definitely be significant enough to merit a celebration of some sort. You and your friend could ring up some others and go out on the town. Have a little fun! Tomorrow you can get started on the next project!
So this is what I'm hearing because I may not believe in the validity of horoscopes but I am also the girl that will read into anything and twist it into something I want to hear. I am hearing the stupid dude with the house is going to call me and offer me the house afterall, finally returning my zillion calls from last week. I am hearing that I will call up my pals and go out for a night on the town in celebration, possibly this weekend. Why not? And tomorrow I will actually really get a handle on this packing and pack like the wind.
Now again, I am not one to believe all the mumbo jumbo, but come on. You read that the stars have it in line that good news is coming your way....you get a little hopeful. You see out on the town and you start to imagine a night out with the girls filled with uber fun.
It got me thinking about how this little blib which is most likely rotated between the signs throughout the month, is kinda thought provoking. Kinda inspiring given the right verbage. It got me wondering what a Scrapbook Horoscope could do to trigger some creative madness. Just imagine:
October 18, 2005
Something makes you think today on a level that you haven't in a while. You appreciate the little things and want to share it with someone close to you that you haven't spoken to in a while. Share your discovery and tell that person how they have been missed today.
This could be a whole layout about someone you appreciate and haven't told. Or someone close to you and why they are. Or maybe you celebrate all the little everyday things and make a whole layout about that and then actually call someone close to you and share. Or post online and share. The possibilities are endless. Horoscopic Scrapbooking Inspirations.
As you can see the lack of Scrapbooking gives me plenty of time to think too much. Funny how I am so motivated now and have so many ideas, why couldn't I have been packed up during my scrappers block?

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Mimi said...

Enjoy packing like the wind and creating!

Love your new header!