Friday, October 14


Well, it's Friday and I couldn't be happier unless I had Monday off again. *cough cough*
I made this sweet layout about my little sis. I saw this picture I took to accentuate her petiteness (4'7") and wanted to do something special for her. I am starting to catch on to this whole digi thing, my skills are getting better but could be better still.

Saw THIS Tshirt in the back of the Rolling Stones and laughed my sweet ass off. My sister is going to die when she sees this one. My nephew is obscessed with smartass tshirts, so she sees them all.
Still freaking out about the whole hair ordeal, less than 24 hours to go!

Loving the song Juice Box by The Strokes, very catchy.
Ate about 40,000 calories this week, mostly chocolate, and lost weight. Want to know how I did it, so I can repeat every week!

This weekend, I vow to have fun, have more fun.....and maybe have some fun. Not think about all the muckity muck that is swirling right now and sleep a little. Max will be with his dad, so all this is possible, just gotta set my mind to it!

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Collette Osuna said...

wow....great layout....see? if your stash wasnt in may have never tried digi scrappin..I think you are doing just fine:)