Monday, October 3

Making me UN-happy Right Now

  1. That the air conditioning went out at work about 2 weeks ago and no one ever had it fixed.
  2. That it is 86 degrees today and thus 93 degrees in my office.
  3. That Paris and Paris have broken up. (just kidding)
  4. That I can't scrap this awesome idea I have floating in my head right now.
  5. That this stupid jerk won't call me back about this rental.
  6. That my girl Carol got to stay home today and I didn't. So jealous!
  7. That I have so much packing still to do.
  8. That the last thing I heard before lil Max got out of the car this morning was "We are the poorest people I know." Thanks kid. Well, at least I am tops at something!
  9. That tomorrow and Wednesday and official Jewish holiday days, so my boss is insane today!
  10. That everyone else's blogs seem to look better than mine and I just can't figure out the how-to.
  11. That halloween is quickly approaching and the little guy still wants to be the grim reaper...blah!
  12. That I want to enter the CK HOF this year but lack the courage. (or time)
  13. That I haven't seen my sis and just hung out in sooooo long....miss that girlie!
  14. That creepy guy who was staring at me out his car window this morning continues to creep me out 4 hours later. Ewwww....
  15. It's Monday!
  16. Did I mention it is like 100 degrees in here....UGH!


Mimi said...

Ewww, I hate being hot. Sending you some ice cream vibes.

Sorry Max was such a downer this morning, that's rough.

Collette Osuna said...

Good Lord girl!!! you need a good night out, for SURE!! No air..miserable..just miserable...
OK>..creepy guys find me they seem to be getting much weirder these days huh??lol...I dont get to see my Sister very often, so I know how ya feel.....
DOnt let the little guy get ya down, he doesnt understand.....I always remembered telling my Mom & Dad growing up that it wouldnt have mattered if I lived in a great house, or had great clothes, I would have remembered that they were so busy, they couldnt have been there for me, its really is:)Hes lucky he has YOU...
It can only get better from here, right???
Big hugs coming your way:)

Collette Osuna said...

PS...I think your site looks great, but if you want me to help you with anything, or if there is something you want to change and dont know how, ASK ME...I will help ya!:)