Sunday, October 2

Hate 'em!
I am still packing today and I had a lightbulb moment. All these yearsI have been trying to figure out where my little Max got this inability to "transition well" or as we non-educational specialist would say, handle change. As I look around my house at all the boxes and disarray that is going on with this move, I am the one freaking out. I am the one throwing a temper tantrum, I am the one pouting and complaining about the Change! He got it from me!!
Like Max, I moved around many times as a child because I was raised by a single mom who only had enough income to support her two children and not too much more. So we lived in many apartments and houses always moving and renting along the way, until my mom married and then we had a house. So, I remember all the packing. All the new places. How exciting I thought it was as a child at first and then realizing all the work it entailed and sometimes it meant new schools and new friends. It sucked. It sucked bad.
I think that has given ME the inability to "transition well". I am packing and all the time whining about it, or worse yet not packing, just putting it off. I look at all the boxes and it is sooooo depressing to me, sad truly sad. I see all my scrap stuff half in boxes, half in a huge mess (look at that MESS!!) and it is sad knowing that I will probably move to a place where I won't have my own Scrap room. Or even long will it be til I can scrap again and free my supplies from the nasty boxes?

There should be a certain amount of excitement when you get to move to a new place, but for me, I just don't get that. All I see is work and cleaning. Plus, the hunt for a place is growing more and more disappointing. I cannot believe how hard it is to find a place in this town!! It has something to do with the kid, that I know but come on, he's nine years old!! I had hoped that the house I saw on Craiglist would have been our answer but unfortunately, the person I contacted has not even given me the address. Stupid *@%&!

So for now I live with the boxes, unhappy, not scrapping and uncertain where the heck these damn boxes are going! Crap!! If I just won the lottery....

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Collette Osuna said...

Im so sorry....I feel how upset you are....I think its the "not knowing" that can really get to you:(
I hope you will have better luck soon, and at least KNOW where you are going.....I now have a scraproom, I think its only because I own an online scrapbook store and NEEDED to make better use of he space in the basement..but BEFORE that, I scrapped on my BED....!! Swear to GOD, I did....I pulled it all out each night and tried insanely to finish something to be able to clear the bed to sleep.....You WILL find a space, no matter where you live, even if its the kitchen table or your imagine setting an eyelet on a bed??
Moving...alot of people take it as an opportunity to re-organize, blah,blah, blah..I like you, thought of it as a big pain in the A@@!!!!
Its always work under any circumstance....
You posted on my blog that I would be in your prayers this too new friend, will be in mine:)
Take care..