Friday, October 28

Look What I Got Today!!

Ok, so it's totally cliche
It's totally overdone.
It's so, so......
So Great! And a huge suprise.
Totally made my day!
And made me feel special.
Thank you.


Mimi said...

That is so awesome! Whohooo!

Collette Osuna said...

They are truly BEAUTYOUS!!!
Good for you!

Marla Singer-Durden said...

Hmmmmm....Flowers....Roses even. But why not all red? Then again if they were just yellow or just white it may mean friendship. So What do the multi colors represent?

Red = Love and Devotion
Pink = Passion and Romance
Yellow = Friendship and Commitment
?? Just a thought!

Obviously they are from a multifaceted male(oxymoron?).
This fella is obviously pretty deep and passionate. Then again may have all the makings of a serial killer! Beware GIRL! Then again he may just be the beast lover in the world. RRRRRIIIGGGHHHT!

And lastly what EXACTLY did you do to earn such a cornucopia beauty? Seldom do we women get such morsals of beauty unless there was a fight or good luvin involved. I highly doubt you make a scrapping page for this guy. But then again, who cares as long as they made you smile and feel special?

Sorry for all the blabber, I'm just jealous! Hope he's a keeper!