Friday, October 28

What's a Girl to do?

Things to do online when you have time to kill at work (or want to):
  1. Make some art online. This is a cool spot.
  2. Check out some cool quotes at ThinkExist.
  3. If you don't like those, you may like these.
  4. Keep your mind sharp with a nice Crossword puzzle.
  5. Plan on getting rid of some junk and Freecycle it!
  6. Check out what I have been missing on Martha.
  7. Google my own name. Apparently there is more than one of me!!
  8. Pretend to shop anywhere, today it was Tiffanys.
  9. Check Scrap Source for anything I am missing because all my stuff is packed.
  10. Check the weather for the weekend, that was a whole 2 minutes.
  11. Read the news.

Ok, so I have done all that, now what? Man, I never thought I would say this, but I am actually bored at work. Usually I can entertain myself pretty well, but I think this may have been one day too many. {Feel free to suggest a great time waster!!}

I am so excited that Halloween is Monday! My favorite holiday, no presents, no hassle - just fun! We have our first Halloween party tonight at Max's school which he is hoping his Donald Trump will win for most original costume. (fingers crossed) I told him I will be going as a Black-eyed Pea to which he replied, "You mean that hot girl?" I laughed so hard I was crying. I told my brother the same thing and he asked, "You mean one of the guys or that girl?" So funny. I meant I am putting a big "P" on my shirt and painting my eye black!!

Tomorrow night is grown-up Halloween party out with friends and Max will be with the Grandparents at their Halloween party overnight. Woo hoo! Sleeping in for me Sunday morning. Can't wait. (oh, and take two on the hair color is going down tomorrow. this time, people WILL notice!!)

Happy Weekend everyone.

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Collette Osuna said...

Chloes sick..Ill be back at work Wednesday and Ill SURELY be checking these out! Thanx!!!