Wednesday, October 5

"I've lost my mojo"

So between the lack of housing, Max's funk, and the current overall state of my life....I have officially lost it. I think all the stress and muckity muck has sucked all the me out of me. I completely understand this funk that Max is in because I am in a funk of my own. The funk is stinkin' up the joint!
Called the dude about the house that would have been perfect for Max and I ($200 less than the current rent I am paying instantly makes it perfect). The conversation went something like this:

Dude: I'm calling you back about the house.
Me: Is it still available?
Dude: Yes, do you have any pets?
Me: No.
Dude: I don't understand why you need a house if you live in one now.
Me: I had a roomate and now I don't, so I need a smaller place.
Dude: Have you seen the house?
Me: You never gave me an address. (duh!)
Dude: Right. There wasn't an address listed?
Me: No.
Dude: How many people would there be?
Me: Just me and I have a son that is almost 10.
Dude: Well, I showed it to these people twice already, you should have came on Saturday.
Me: You never gave me the address or called.
Dude: Right. Well, lemme think about it and if I don't call you back, I gave it someone else.

What does that say to me? Number one, this guy is an idiot. Number two, he changed his tone after I said kid, so that was the deal breaker. (again.) And Number three, this guys is an $#%!!
Everything happens for a reason, I believe that, but at this rate...4 months!!! My faith is swaying.
Also, apparently, the source of Max's funk is not only the lack of future housing but also that this week's art project has to do with drawing your house. Perfect timing! Max refused to bring in a picture of his house because it is not OUR house, we just rent and "we're moving anyways." Also, he apparently told his teachers that he is the only kid in class that doesn't own a class. Very possible, I suppose in this affluent suburb we live in.
I swear I heard my supplies calling me last night from the boxes...."Simone, just take out a couple stamps, what could it hurt? You know you want to. Come on.." I feel like an addict! I have read the new MM and CK cover to cover, even all the fine print, five times trying to curb this craving...No avail. I think I may have to convince my buddy Carol to let me scrap some of her stuff!! *hint hint*
Sending all my scrappy vibes over the internet to all my scrappy buddies....take all this pent up creativity and scrap for me girls!


Mimi said...

Simone, just one...tee hee.

I'm so sorry about the house thing, kids that age are so brilliant at getting to your insecurities. Urg.

Collette Osuna said...

OK..let me first say the "dude" is a real SOB, no doubt....shame on him!!! BIGTIME!!!
The fact that you said you have a chid should make him want to give you the housue even MORE..what an aX@....sorry:(
I agree w/Mimi on the kids kids have a kind way of "shovin it in my face" when they are down about a situation they think I personally have put on them..hang in will move, yes, you WILL..and he will get settled again:)
If you can make it to Michigan my entire scraproom is yours hunnie:)!!!!