Wednesday, October 5

Digi Do Something???

Had to do something crafty and I made a promise to myself that I would not open one single packed box no matter how much they cried, so I dove into the digital world with both feet. Now, I was skeptical, real skeptical. Wasn't sure if I could really figure it out at all. (it took me long enough to figure out how to turn a picture black and white!) Also, wasn't sure I would enjoy it at all because I just LOVE paper. Love to hold it, feel it, move it around my table and then cut. Ahh...the joys of paper. But it was good. Different good, but definitely good.
With real supplies, this LO would not really thrill me, but that I learned how to do it, it didn't cost me one cent and that I got it done in 40 minutes (even with the downloads) is completely thrilling!! Yippeeeeee! I took a look at The Shabby Princess and got the free download and Voila!
Again...not the best, but a first. One small step for most, one giant leap for me. I also checked out Jen, the Digi Scrapper and she had a TON of info on her blog. If I actually read it, my LO may have been better. Looks like this will be my scrappin' til I free my little friends from the boxes.
If anyone else has been crafty lately...SHARE!! I wanna see.
I also sketched 6 LOs on a piece of paper while Max was using my colored pencils for his homework, just had to get those ideas down on paper before they are gone.

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Collette Osuna said...

I think you did AWESOME!! I love it!! and good for you for trying something different....maybe you got a litle of that "gotta scrap" outta you:)...or at least for NOW..hehehe
Have a great night!