Thursday, September 1

The list may kill me!

Noticing how I haven't posted any scrap work lately and that is just sad. I think I have shaken my scrapper's block, now it is just a matter of finding time! I have actually been working on a scrapbook for my mom with the pictures from Disney, but the size (8.5x11) is really challenging me. Why have I changed sizes, you ask? Well, I thought that the change might challenge me in a great way and possibly bring out a whole new side of me. So far, no. But there are still so many pictures. Also, I was for a time working on the cards for that card swap. As with every great project, I had to start with a few ideas, make them and then get opinions. I have to have prototypes before I settle on just one. This was the proto I went with, it was extremely labor intensive, but I was so worried about being WOW enough that I put in the extra time cutting out each individual snowman. Plus, when I made them, I actually lowered the men so they aren't floating on the card. Glad now that the mini catalog is out I can finally post this! Makes it look like I have been doing something scrappy.

Also, school is back in full force. I unfortunately, did not get the quality or quantity of back to school pictures I wanted, but that is what happens after years of having a photo crazy mom chasing you around, eventually they say no. Upsetting, but I'll get over it. With school in full force now, my homework is really cutting into any sort of me time I may have once had.
Soccer is starting next week, can't wait. Whole new slew of pictures and I have the zoom now, so I am expecting great things this season. From the team as well.
Went and saw The Gipsy Kings Tuesday night at Ravinia. They were great and I almost forgot what it was like to go out in the middle of the week. A date night on a Tuesday? Wow!

Other things on my mind and my agenda:

  1. Find a place. (bought myself another month, but I know how fast that goes)
  2. Go visit my friend Carol and get my Bazzill Swatch Box.
  3. Call my nephew and wish him a Happy 13th Birthday.
  4. By abovementioned nephew a Tshirt with attitude and a Target gift card.
  5. Get my act together with Stampin' Up and book that damn party already.
  6. Figure out how to change my blog and add the new title banner I actually made, but can't figure out this html thing.
  7. Put all the crap in the garage that didn't sell at the garage sale on Craig's List.
  8. Figure out what the hell I am going to do at work so that I maintain my sanity as well as get all this work done. (workload has doubled since my coworker left)
  9. Praying for the people in the south, the news is heartbreaking these days, I get so misty when I hear the personal stories.
  10. Figure out what I am doing for the holiday weekend? No kids, long weekend....I'm thinking.....a whole lot of nothing, Yippeee!!!!
  11. Plan next weekend, when I will be at Scrapfest at the Mall of America.
  12. Hopefully do some sort of Scrapbooking. As my friend said when I expressed wanting to scrap, "if you don't, you will get crappy" Need that on a Tshirt, Get Scrappy or Get Crappy.

Need to buy some sort of planner or something. Perhaps make something??? Plus, continue to pack! Feeling very overwhelmed and stressed these days. Used to be able to come to work and get away from it all, but now it has infected the office. I am completely hiding this weekend and regrouping. Need to chill out.

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Mimi said...

What a cool card! I've never scrapped 8.5x11 - you are braver than I!