Wednesday, September 7

Scrapfest 2005

Going to Mall of America this weekend with my buddy Carol. We will be attending Scrapfest. I had heard some great things about it until last week. Then, as always, everyone comes out of the woodwork to say it is OK. Why couldn't they have told me this back in July before I got the ticket?
We are flying to Minnesota thanks to Carol's frequent flyer miles and the extremely high price of gas. I am signed up for three classes, so at the least I will be making something this weekend. Don't remember what those classes are, but I do remember that I couldn't get into a few of the classes I wanted because registration started while I was enjoying my Disney vacation and I couldn't for the life of me find internet access at the happy place on earth. In Vegas, there was an internet cafe on every corner, at Disney...nowhere.
There is promise of some scrapbooking celebs like Melody Ross and Christy Tomlinson from Chatterbox. I want to bring my pink trunk, just so that I can be remember as "the girl that won the pink trunk." Does that make me some sort of celebrity? lol. I also know there will be a ton of great companies there such as American Crafts and Autumn Leaves. There is promise of great make and takes, just hope they don't get cheap on us and start charging for all of them. I paid my $10, I want my free make and takes. I am also going to pick up the new Scenic Route Papers I saw at the Big 'A' last weekend, they scream fall. Now all I need are some great pumpkin photos. (I mean great photos, not photos of the great pumpkin)
Coming back Monday with actual projects to post!! Whoopee! I may actually scrap, stand back....

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