Saturday, September 17

i *heart* this guy

There are people who come into your life for a reason and he is one of them.
When I was 19, I thought it was a good time to tell my parents what I really wanted to do in life and change majors, schools and completely upset my family. I went to Columbia College to persue my dream of being a star and knew no one. It was very tough on me, going to a school downtown, all alone, not knowing a soul. I am a friendly enough person, but I worried about fitting in, being talented enough, finding and making friends. The second day at school I started my Improv class with my all time favorite teacher Marty De Maat, a man who taught me more about theater and life than anyone, (He was like a hysterically funny philosopher) and I met Eric. He was funny right from that first day and super nice. We were instant friends from that very day.
In the past 14 years that we have been friends, my life has changed constantly but one thing always remained the same, Eric. If I ever needed anyone, he was always there. Through bad times and great, he was always there.

He is kind and generous.
He tells the best stories and has by far the wackiest life.
He is caring and reliable.
He is one the smartest men I know.
He can be a guy's guy and a girl's guy (if that makes any sense?).
He can cook and fix a car.
He is not judgemental and the best listener I know.

I so love this man and am so lucky to have him!


Mimi said...

Aw! Beautiful! Great photo too!

Cindy Lee said...

wonderful photo! friends are such a blessing! he sounds like he'd make a GREAT husband or is he taken already??? love your blog - it's now in my favs!