Tuesday, September 20

Meme #11

As posted from 2peas, this week's challenge:

My 10 Scrapbook Mantras

  1. Buy Less, Scrap More - I think I delight in the shopping for scrap supplies more than actually scrapping lately, so I have put the breaks on the shopping. I have plenty to use at home already.
  2. Use it or Lose it - Kinda goes with #1, if I don't use it, I need to give it away. There are supplies I have bought (a CM oval cutter) that I never even cracked open! Those things need to be purged and passed to a loving home. I have done this with a lot of stuff already, but there is always more should it go untouched.
  3. Less is More - Every page doesn't need to cost me $20. Pages can be simply beautiful without adding the kitchen sink.
  4. Scrap for Those Who Deserve the Scrap - I need to reserve the scrap talent for the people who truly appreciate it as opposed to the people I think should love it. Let's face it, my brothers just don't give a scrap!
  5. If I think it looks good, It Does! - Better stop looking at magazines and idea books as the guide to what is good, everybody scraps to the beat of their own drummer.
  6. Never Re-Do - Sometimes if I have a double print that I have kept, I will scrap again, but never dismantle and redo. Do I really have time for that??
  7. Life always overrides Scrappin' - Unfortunately, there are just not enough hours in the day to scrap as much as I want. It is upsetting when you have this killer idea and you are just jonesing to get your hands on some paper but there are people I love who deserve that time way more than my photos and supplies. Some day the little boy won't want to ride bikes with his dear old mother and then I can scrap til my hearts content.
  8. Scraps Happen - I really need to use up some of the scraps that I have or get rid of them. I hate to throw anything away, so this one is hard. Very hard.
  9. More than One - I almost always use more than one photo per LO. It is just not practical to use only one and I generally have more than one great photo for the same idea or event. If I only use one, then all the rest just stay in the boxes.
  10. More ME - I really need to put more ME into my scrapbooks. I almost never have my picture taken and really never scrapbook myself. That is so flippin' bad. Need more pictures of me, so I can scrapbook myself.