Wednesday, August 24

Nectar of the gods!!

Could I be any busier??
Worst part about going on vacation....returning. Even worse, returning to a mess and a ton of work!! After returning from Fabulous Vegas, I came back to find a mess on my desk along with a large mob of angry mortgage brokers and more work than I can possibily ever accomplish in a week, nor want to. Ugh! Also, upon my return, the internet went out making it impossible to appease the mortgage crowd for a day, so I heard a lot of complaining and mild yelling. I wa lucky enough to get this lovely cup 'o joe this morning, I missed my Drunkin' Donuts while in Vegas. (side note: Vegas was uber fun and definitely the "vacation" I needed and I couldn't have been happier with how my 6 days were spent, *perfect*) This little cup and crabby Indian lady in the morning really gets my day started.
Now, I am back in full force!!

To add to the chaos, school has started and I am happy I will no longer hear "I'm bored" a thousand times a day, but with every silver lining there is a cloud. I am sure it is just a matter of days before trouble begins. The boy is only happy when he is rattling cages.
Other things I am working on:

  • Still looking for a place, this is really pissing me off.
  • Got new stamps for the intimidating swap, now I just need an idea and time.
  • Need to find some sort of Temp help at work for when things really pick up. (this always happens when I am all alone, I get crazy busy)
  • Need to pack.
  • Going to MOA for Scrapfest in a couple weeks.
    • Man, I wish I could go back to the days of doing nothing again........

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      Mimi said...

      Glad you are back and had a good time!