Thursday, August 25

"I never meant 2 cause you any sorrow..."

I never meant 2 cause u any pain
I only wanted 2 one time see u laughing
I only want 2 see u laughing in the purple rain
This was the highlight of my Vegas vacation.....Purple Reign. It became our rock in Vegas, we knew should we find ourselves wandering the strip or losing at blackjack, we could always catch the Purple Reign show at the Boardwalk right across from our hotel. And bonus....they sing Prince songs!! (as well as Morris Day and The Time, anyone for The Bird?) It was what I expected from Vegas, entertainment, impersonators, insanity. I loved it!! We saw them three times. The first night was a fluke, but we kept coming back time and time again. As I watched them perform, I couldn't help but think about The Dave Chappelle Show and his skit with Prince and Charlie Murphy. I just wanted the guy to jump off the stage and make me some waffles.

On the second night we saw PR, I apparently had enough liquid courage to find myself right up next to the stage half way through the set, guess it wasn't that crowded and eventually on stage!! Yes, I danced with Purple Reign and apparently, based on the pictures I had a great time. The next morning after this second show, my first words were..."I had a dream I was dancing with Purple Reign. Wait, Did I??" To which I heard, "I had the same dream." So, it was true, me, on stage in my hot pink top and matching shoes, shaking my money maker with Prince. or Morris?? Not really sure, perhaps a little too much liquid courage.

I am glad that Mike took the pictures though, I am always commenting that I don't have enough pictures of myself. At first, I looked at them and thought how embarassing....I wonder if I looked like a dork. But look at that smile on my face...I was having a damn good time. I love it!!
The third time we saw them was on Saturday night. This has to be the busiest night in Vegas, it was insanity. Way too many people...EVERYWHERE. I was tired of people I didn't know rubbing up against me, so off to the 2am show it was to see them one last time. We had to, they don't perform on Sundays. hehehehehe
Loved Vegas, will definitely go again.....I just hope Purple Reign is still performing!

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Mimi said...

Very cool! I'd never heard of it!

I'm with Nancy, by the way, Raspberry Beret is one of my favs too!