Tuesday, August 9

The 411

Still alive and kickin', thanks for asking.

  1. Waiting for my buddy Carol to come back from Hong Kong, need a little scrappin' push.
  2. Scrapped 2 whole pages of my Disney adventure, 8.5x11 format which is really stumping me.
  3. Had a garage sale last weekend, planning on a repeat this weekend to try and lighten the load for the big move.
  4. STILL looking for a place to live. This is getting ridiculous. I have until the end of the month and it is quickly approaching.
  5. Trying to come up with a killer WOW idea for a SU! swap I am in. It is like the American Idol of swaps, if you ain't good enough, you are booted from the group. Talk about creative pressure.
  6. Reading this blog and laughing out loud.
  7. Realized the other day that I am one of the only single scrappers out there besides those young people. What the heck!! It is almost like this is a suburban America craft and you need the 2.2 kids, dog and perfect husband just to fit in. Added that to the list of reasons I hate being single.
  8. Sitting on lawn chairs in the living room because the furniture in the house is gone! My new handed down couches are here in the warehouse until the move, so until then I am feeling a bit hillbilly. (no offense implied toward the hillbillies)
  9. Going to Vegas next week. First all grown up vacation since 2001, so I can't wait. Will be the complete polar opposite of my Disney vacation.....relaxing, no kids and uber fun!!
  10. Trying desperately to find a new swimsuit and some decent clothes before the above mentioned trip as well as get a haircut and a pedicure. I am in need of some pre-ME time before my 6 days of ME time!!
  11. Everyday I get to listen to an adorable 9 year old complain about how bored he is. That never gets old......ugh!!!
  12. Finished the wedding invites for my cousin in 2 days a couple weeks ago. They loved them, which is all that matters, now I just have to make some Thank You cards.
  13. Eating a ton of crap to counteract the stress.....very productive. Not!! Put on 5lbs which are not going to look pretty in a bathing suit.
  14. Getting ready to say adios! to my baby brother who leaves for school next Friday. Will miss him terribly, he is like my first born because I helped raise this one. I was 16 when he was born and everyone thought he was mine, like an afternoon special.
  15. The lady that worked with me quit while I was on my Disney vacation, so now I am all alone and thus busier. Also, I have no one to fill in for me while I am in Vegas!

That's about all, nothing really exciting at all. Every couple days I have this burst of creative energy and I really want to create something, but by the time I actually think about doing it that feeling has dissipated. I need to pack up that room, not make something. Definitely missing simpler times, but this to shall pass. (or so I keep having to tell myself)

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