Saturday, July 30

Back from Disney

10 Things I Learned from my Walt Disney World Vacation

1. 8 days with my family is too long. I don't think as adults we are meant to spend this much time with our parents and siblings because lets face it, we are all adults now with our own opinions, agendas and needs. Nothing bad against my family, but let's face it, we aren't living together anymore for a reason.
2. Florida is hot!! Yes, I knew this before and have been to Florida a few times, but my gosh, it is way hotter than I remembered. Maybe because it was July, maybe because I can't tolerate the heat like I used to, maybe because the ozone layer is thinner now and thus hotter.....whatever the reason, it is way hot! My hair was insanely frizzy and unmanageable for 8 days and I have never seen steam rise from the ground after a rain.
3. Disney World may not be the best place for kids. This is a place that is not only hot, but also filled with thousands of people and hundreds of opportunities to wait in line to ride a 2 minute ride, probably not what most kids would consider fun. I have never seen so many crying children in one place before, the horror. And to top it off.....tiny little babies!! Even Max at 9 had a hard time dealing with it all, so I sympathize with those poor 2 year olds that just wanted to ride Dumbo without waiting 60 minutes.
4. A person can grow tired of steak and lobster. I never thought I would say this, but after a few days, I got really sick of fancy shmancy restaurants and filet mignon. I just yearned for a cheeseburger and fries. I could only take so much of the 3 hour 5 course dinners, but unfortuntately I had 7 nights of them.....too much.
5. Sharing a bathroom with 3 other people is rough. Granted my sister and I have little boys that aren't so little anymore, but it never fails when someone is in the bathroom one of them has to go. Plus, getting ready for all those fancy dinners takes time in the bathroom, so that was another aggrevation.
6. Space Mountain is just as much fun as it was when I was 13!! I remember riding Space Mountain for the first time in Disneyland when I was 13 and thinking it was too cool. Well, at 33, I still think it is too cool. Best ride in the Magic Kingdom.

7. Even at 33, your parents still want your picture with Mickey. Granted I wanted my picture with Mickey as well, but my parents really insisted on the photos with the characters.......perhaps they are planning a scrapbook?
8. Coffee in Florida is bad! I never did find a good cup of coffee in all the breakfasts and dinners I ate in Disney World. I thought the happiest place on earth would include a decent cup of coffee, but I was wrong.
9. Walking is good for you. I have never walked so much in all my life. Even when I was a waitress and on my feet 10 hours a day, I never walked that much. But after a week of power walking about 7 miles a day, I am feeling great. Makes me want to walk everyday.....I'll start tomorrow.
10. I never take enough pictures on vacation. Everytime I go on a "trip" I never take enough pictures!! I had my camera with me every second, but still not that many pictures. I think partly because all the pictures I was getting were posed and I grow tired of those. It was too hard to hike at a rapid pace and snap photos. Need to practice for next time.

All in all, fun vacation, but exhausting. It was more work than I do at work plus less sleep than an average work week. I feel like now I need a vacation which includes lying around, soaking up some rays and reading a book.

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