Friday, May 20


I did it!! As I promised, I actually created something! I wasn't feeling very creative but I forced myself to sit down and just work with some awesome pictures and paper I have had for a month. I love the paper. I love the pictures. But it didn't make it any easier, unfortunately. These are OK layouts but not the best or even great. They should be great! I have been doing this long enough. I should just be able to create a WOW without thinking too much. Lately, it is just not there. It has been actual work. I am happy to report though that these two pages only took about 40 minutes total, which is very good compared to my current times. I need to get that time down so that I can get into Olympic form.

So, the pictures I am so pleased with because I edited them in Photoshop. Cheers to the free online course!! I can now do more than crop a photo!! whoopee!

Plus, I think the pictures themselves are pretty good. It is a nice feeling to know you aren't wasting as much film as before! Also, a side note, these pictures were printed by
Winkflash and the quality is great as you can see. The top one is in matte finish and the bottom in glossy. Just in case you are in the market for a great photo developer.

Phew.... at least I have achieved one goal this week, thank god it is Friday!

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