Monday, May 23

It deserves a "Huh?"

So, while having nibbles Friday night and once again trying to figure out how to explain Scrapbooking to a man. It occurred to me how silly it does sound. I use paper, stickers, ribbon and photos and make up pages. "Huh?" Followed by the "OK" Which translated means, whatever tickles your fancy. I of course have to come to the rescue of my passion and get defensive any time someone questions my obsession with paper. But I really stopped and thought about it over the weekend, and it is kinda nutty. I have a room of paper, stickers, adhesives and ribbons galore. I bring my camera every where I go. I guess to the average person who is non-scrapping that is odd. If I imagine what it would be like not to scrap, oh the horror, I guess I can see where they are coming from.

So, this prompted me, in my plentitude of time, to find other things that make you go, "Huh?" Things that other people love and are passionate about that the majority of people question.
So here's the list:

  • Rainbow Brite fanatics. There are still people that care about this? Is this show still on? Who are these people? Yet, I find it intersting.
  • Free Fonts that are awesome. Here as well. Yet, Creating Keepsakes Magazine feels that they can make a dime out of this and have set up Scrapnfonts which you pay $3 per font. Ok???
  • This is a site devoted to Leftover Lunch. For some reason find it interesting and funny, but still want to know who pays and designs this site?
  • I am the only one not saying "Huh?" to this one. There is now a list of great blogs in one spot. It is called Blogebrity. I love to read useless information from people I don't know, this site is great for me, but I imagine most people would raise an eyebrow. Or two.
  • OMG...I cannot beleive this is an actual society. The UIS...Useless Information Society. I should be a member, I have a ton of useless information. I am disappointed however that it does not have an .org address though. Like it should be a non-profit organization or something.

That is enough stupid things for one day. Just remember, what you think is so "Cool Beans" may not be so cool to anyone else but you and you just have to be good with that. I am. I will defend my less than popular ideals any day.

Here's the blog of the day.... Barbra Streisand. This has to be good. What would she talk about?

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