Monday, May 9

Meme Mommy Monday

Ok, so this week's meme challenge has to do with mothers (of course). Really it is a free for all, but I thought it would be fun to let you all know what distinguishes my mother from all the others, what makes her super special:

  1. There is no one on the planet more obsessed about cleanliness. She is freakishly tidy.
  2. She never "saves" anything, she is the most anti-pack rat woman.
  3. Here insesant pluralizing of words or chaning of titles. Examples... Friends in a Circle instead of Circle of Friends or Harry Potters.
  4. She has the most evil eye that could stop anyone in their tracks. Wish I had that power.
  5. Looks at least 15 years younger than she is...damn!
  6. When she gets mad at me she still just says, "Girl!"
  7. Has had more funny things happen surrounding her car than any other person I know. (Don't worry, I will share some later.)
  8. She is one of the best people at Finances, I still don't know how she makes it all work.
  9. Screams at movies loudly, even if they aren't scary. Anything startling gets a scream.
  10. Strangers are attracted to her. Leave her alone in a grocery aisle, come back a minute later, someone is having a conversation with her. I always think she must have known them....but no, complete stranger.
I love my mother, she is a difficult woman at times, but she is mine. We have had some rough times in my younger days and she carried us through as a single mom. She is by far the strongest woman I know. She is like the mailman, through rain, sleet or snow....

And I cannot forget my stepmom, she is the best as well. I couldn't have picked a better second mom if I tried. She is so loving and giving, a really kind person.

So, I got two moms...blessing or curse? Blessing! I am definitely a lucky girl to have two dynamite women in my life!

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