Thursday, May 5

Mothers and Sons

With Mother's Day upon us, it seems appropriate to talk a little bit about my motherhood. Or should I say state of motherhood. This role of mom that I took on a little over nine years ago has drastically changed me. I went from a completely spazztic girl to a completely spazztic mom with a more hectic schedule. I never thought my life could be this crazy and exciting all at the same time. I remember in my younger days (BTK...before the kid), when I thought I was busy. I had no idea what busy was! Plus, I don't think I thought it would be THIS much work! Teachers calling, homework, activities, so much laundry....and who could forget all the whining! I am a person who lives for having a plan. When the plan doesn't go as planned, I freak. So, imagine what having a child does to a person like me. It makes me a freak all the time! I hate being the bad guy, but as a single parent, I have to be from time to time. I hate that he has so many "problems", but it's life.

I thank my lucky stars for such a healthy child. And I am lucky to have a son who really truly loves his mother. I am enjoying that now, because I am sure as we approach teenage that will end. And I love being a mother. I love having this little somebody that I am trying to mold into a great man. I love inspiring him and watching him discover new things. I love seeing the changes right before my very eyes.

All the headaches and worry are easily outdone by the love and joy this little man brings me. He is so special to me, and I was so lucky that my life took that U-turn nine years ago.

**Glad I typed that ringing and guess who? The teacher, ugh!!

The Max

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