Thursday, May 26

It's not Memorial Day without Camping!!

Memorial Day Weekend is almost upon us. There is one thing I think of when I think of Memorial Day...CAMPING. A few years ago, we got a great group together and took a camping trip that was so much fun we swore that it would be an annual event. The weekend was cold, it rained hard and the woods were fenced off so that we could not go exploring. But we had fun. A ton of fun. Well, you know things happen....The following year, Liz and Eric got married. (They are at the far right in this picture.)

Then the next year, my brother Andrew graduated high school that weekend. Last year, we had a solid plan, but mother nature is a cruel and bitter woman. She decided that we needed enough rain prior to the weekend and over the course of the weekend to flood out the campsite that we had planned to visit. So, we went to our cottage instead. It was super fun as well, but no camping trip. Well, this year, my baby brudder, Nate, is graduating Saturday.

Curse you Notre Dame High School for Boys!!!!!
So, no camping for us this weekend. But thinking back on camping and especially that summer of 2002 when we had such a bonding weekend. I mean look at us, I have very few pictures where people look truly happy. I love this picture!
These pictures make me yearn for camping. The simplicity of being outside all weekend. The deliciousness of cooking food on an open flame for three whole days. The cool thing that happens when people bond over a huge campfire. Ohhhh....I can just about taste the smores. I am generally a very happy girl when I camp, usually just as spazztic because I can never just relax, but really happy.I mean look at these people. Most of them had not known each other before this weekend, but over the course of a few days became friends. It's a wonderful thing.

These pictures bring back so many great memories. Makes me angry I will not be setting up a tent this weekend, but still good thoughts. I hope that I will get to see most of these people this weekend and check in with them. Someof them I haven't seen in years. You know who you are. (Bicki Funk!!) Remember...Brewhaha, Saturday, my casa. It is a consolation prize to the annual trip.

I rock product!
(saying born may 2002, 1st annual camping trip)

(no OPAW for those of you paying attention)

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