Wednesday, May 25

Doodling....Not Just for Kids

So, it's Hump Day again and I have not even began my OPAW. I need to just relax and let some cool ideas come to me. Not focus so much. I was thinking about how as a child I loved to color and doodle on everything. I especially loved coloring books. I was a talented 8 year old artist and would outline the pictures in marker and then color in with the crayons. Very advanced technique. I also doodled my way through high school. You could tell how my day or week was going just by the doodle. Of course, I was very into the doom and gloom of the late 80s, so most of the doodles were in that style. I also still doodle any chance I get, on everything. My shopping lists are works of art. At work I am always doodling, nothing much else to do. Unfortunately, there aren't many materials around here to doodle with to make a masterpiece. So, I picked up my pen, pencil, blue highlighter (we only had a blue one) and red pen attempting to create something artsy.

I call it....Office Portrait of Spazzgirl. I am hoping that this will get my juices flowing. Note to self: add the word juices to the list of hated words. Yuck! (And yes, I have a list for hated words as well as words I love) I think this has realy helped. Luckily, it is Wacky Wednesday, so I only have to be trapped in Corporate America til 2p. Yay! Then rush home to get some good materials and create something better than a doodle. I have 200 VHS cases to create something with....sounds like a challenge. It's the little things that make me happy.

Also, I was thinking, I really need to carry my digital camera with me more often. I used to carry a disposable camera in my purse before I had the digital in case I saw something cool. But since I have gotten the digital, which I am not that pleased with, I don't buy those cheap cameras anymore. But I really need to carry that camera, I am missing life shots. Note to self: put camera in purse.

On the to-do list today:

  • OPAW
  • grocery store again, 4th time this week for those of you keeping track
  • soccer practice
  • possible mani-pedi (oh, that would be good)
  • assess and try to minimize laundry pile
  • think about party plans...shhhhh brewhaha
  • purge closets for the Amvet people who are coming Friday

Wish my lists were shorter and included words like nap and tv. Good thing I am so chipper today and fully ready to attack this list full force. You're going down Wednesday to-do list!!

Blog of the Day is My Blog Is Bigger Than Yours. This guy is one of the Geeks on Beauty and the Geek which will be a new reality show on the WB. From the commercials it looks completely silly and painful to watch these guys go out with these clueless I'll be watching. The picture on the website is too much!! Also the website address for the show includes the words -generic show. Airs June 1st, Set the Tivo!

Happy Hump Day!!!

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