Tuesday, May 24

A Tip for Tuesday

So, it is once again Tuesday and thus a technique is required. But it occurred to me that tips could also be useful and I have a ton. Back when I was attempting to write my book, Scrapbooking Cheap and Great, I wrote pages of thrifty techniques for scrapbooking. So, I thought, hey, why not share a few. But only a few as the book still could be published even though someone already stole my idea.

Scrapbooking can be an expensive craft. Especially with all the new paper that has been recently released at $1 a sheet. Wow! That is some paper. It not only looks great, but can clean my bathroom. I wish. So, keep your costs down but still create beautiful pages.

 Use strips of paper in place of ribbon: This is a great way to use your scraps and paper is less expensive than ribbon. Plus if you are using a particular line, the colors are a perfect match. Imagine…Ribbon always in the perfect width!
 Print your own “definitions”, look it up on the web and print on cardstock or transparencies: You can find the definitions online at Dictionary.com and just copy them to Microsoft Word and print on either transparency or paper. With this method, you will always have the word you need!
 Use your stamps to make patterned paper: But your stamps to use and embellish ordinary cardstock to make your own patterned paper.
 Tic Tac, Baby Food Jars or Film Containers make good embellishment organizers: These are great so that you can see the great colors of your brads and eyelets. You can also dress up jars with ribbon tied onto lid.
 Make your own storage with wire cubes: This is a very economical solution to expensive paper trays and so customizable.
 Old (clean) Jars make pretty ribbon organizers: Ribbon sorted by color can be stored in old Spaghetti Sauce jars and the colors are just as yummy as the sauce was.

Ok, so there’s a little something for those of you that are looking for something new and exciting. Maybe not so exciting, but it is definitely information.

Also, thought it was funny that my post regarding the Left Over Lunch site was commented upon by the designer of that site. I would like to stress that I was in no way talking smack about the design of the site or even the topic of Lunches. In fact, thought the site was cool. I was just adding to the list of things that some people enjoy and others question. So rock on Lunch Dude!

Blog of the day…..drumroll……
My not so Interesting Life. Funny Funny, did I mention funny. Great writing, I love it. Stumbled across it as the home page for Blogger changes almost every 10 seconds.

Tomorrow....Someone made ME a scrapbook!

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Anonymous said...

you definately need to write a book with your thrifty tips (complete with photos!!!!). if not a book, then a website with a newsletter or something! c'mon! do it! you have wonderful ideas!!!!