Wednesday, May 11

"I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it."

That's a quote from Shakespeare. Got it on a cool website I just found Think Exist. They have a ton of searchable quotes and many recent from musicians and actors. It perfectly expresses how I feel about the internet and most recently this blog. I can type on and on about useless nonesense as a form of entertainment for myself. I really need to blog less and work on projects more!!

There are a few new favorites I have been enjoying lately when I should be working! (shhhh, don't let me find out!) Thought I would share some in case you find yourself in a predicament that you have time and nothing better to do or enjoy wasting time surfing the net as I do:

  1. Free classes online that are excellent. I took one about a month ago on Photoshop and it was super. Currently, I am enrolled in a class which starts May 19th to learn to use Outlook better.
  2. Went to a couple Scrapbook Stores over the weekend, thanks Carol, and now I definitely LOVE the My Mind's Eye Wild Asparagus line. Saw a great deal on these, which I paid $1 each for on QVC, so if you are jonesing for them you can get them for a steal HERE. This company also sells Second Avenue, which is cool as well and worth a peak.
  3. If you are even considering submitting some work to a Scrapbook Magazine, the best source is Scrap Source. I think I have mentioned this before, but I am obsessed with checking in to see what they are "looking for".
  4. Winkflash. I cannot say enough good things about this place. I have tried almost all the online photo processing places as well as most of the stores around me, and these are the best deal and good quality. Their prints are $.16 for a 4x6!! And they have matte or glossy, borders or not, and you can edit your photos very easily with their software!
  5. Scrappers Blogs are super cool, but the best is Ali Edwards. I love to look at her photos, they are amazing and she posts a ton on her blog! But, don't tell Ali, I am not so crazy about her new Art Journal stuff, not the Ali style I have grown to love. There are a couple others that are great as well, Tara Whitney, Tina Barriscale, Cathy Zielske....but Ali's I check out almost every day in hopes there will be a new picture.
  6. Scrapbook Industry News Blog. Ok, so I am obsessed with Scrapbooking and demand to know what is new before the majority of other people. In fact, I think this site is making me a little bit of a Scrapbook Snob, better stop reading it. If you want to know what is NEW in Scrapbooking, check here.
  7. Little Red Scrapbook. This is a monthly kit, but I love to check out their LOs. I don't subscribe to the kit, but they have the newest products and an amazing design team.
  8. For all your stamping needs, check out Split Coast Stampers. Love it, now that I am an SU girl. Yes, it is true, I am the newest member of the Mad Moon Stampers. This website is the best for getting inspiration for particular stamp sets.
  9. There is a guy on 2peas, Denis (dgermain) who is an amazing photographer. His website is ubercool and he has tons of tips and technique information, so if you are a camera nut check him out on 2peas and his own website.
  10. Urban Lily. Have you seen this product? OMG...I love it!! They are from Austrailia. Don't have it, but want it badly!
  11. Rocky Mountain Hobbies...this is one of the best online stores, they have free shipping on orders over $25 and the shipping is super fast.

That list would keep a person clicking for a week. I spend too much time staring at this screen and this is what I am looking at.

I got some new goodies over the weekend. I must use my product!

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