Thursday, April 28

Scrapbook needs

As an avid scrapper and obsessive book buyer, I am always on the look out for great Scrapbooking or Stamping magazines or books. But lately, while working on my new project, I have asked myself, "What do scrappers want to read?" So, I am trying to narrow down a list and work on those type of articles for the new website, here is the preliminary list:

  1. How to get things done fast and fabulous
  2. How to combine papers and patterns
  3. New product reviews (I never buy anything big without a thumbs up)
  4. Tips and Technique
  5. Scrappers Glossary / Encyclopedia
  6. Step by Step Projects
  7. Ways to be Frugal

I have been scouring the boards and websites to see what is on everyone's minds these days, but you never know with scrappers. So, for now, I have a lovely (not complete) five pages of frugal tips and I am working on Beginning Scrapper tips and necessities. Phew...Who knew there was so much information.

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