Wednesday, April 27

The end of the Big 'A'

So, I am official in the very last phase of my days at the big A. Tonight, I worked my very last Wednesday night shift and it was quite wonderful. Wonderful to know that next Wednesday there will be no rushing around, no craziness.... In fact, I am going to just sit and rest while Max is at soccer next week. I am going to enjoy the lack of the second job. My last two shifts are this weekend and I have to say that even though I am feeling tremendous relief knowing that I won't have to do it anymore, I am still gonna miss my girls so much. I am going to miss them to pieces. Also, being the Mac Gyver of the Scrapbooking world was super fun! I loved helping people with there projects. I loved hearing, "Oh you are so good at this." It made me want to scrapbook more. So, although it is with a sense of relief that I am leaving, it is also with a sense of sadness.

There are such "characters" that work at the store. They amuse me with their stories and some are such a sort of comfort that I will greatly miss just the way they greet me. (Shirley, I will miss the "Hi Sweetie" and big hug that I get every time I see you!!!!!) I will miss complaining with my best bud, Carol. I will miss the way that Laurie can complain about a person with a shitass grin on her face. That really kills me! I never thought that I would get so attached to working at a retail store, just because of the people.

The things I will not miss:

  1. Cleaning Bathrooms. I don't like to do this at home.
  2. Vacuuming. I can count on one hand the number of times I have worked and not done it.
  3. Mean people. Yes, even scrapbookers can be mean from time to time.
  4. The hours. I will be so happy just working one job again.
  5. Dressing Up. This will make me want to look nice on my own time!
  6. The lack of men! I have had it with all women environments!!!
I was watching Seinfeld last night and Elaine was complaining she had no women friends. Kramer says to her "That's because you are a man's woman. You hate women and women hate you." I swear it was my lightbulb moment. That's me!!! Not that I hate all women, but I hate the drama. I am a no nonsense gal. I get to the point always and rarely stop my big mouth for fear of offending someone. This logic does not sit well with some women and thus, I think they hate me. So working at the Big 'A'.... I had gal pals!!! And I loved them so much!!!!
Big kiss for my gal pals!!
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So, the one thing I hope to come out of this ...... I will keep my friends and my sanity!

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sooo... how does it feel to be down to one job?