Thursday, April 28

One A Week

I love Tara Whitney's blog, I am not as loyal to it as some people, but I enjoy checking in to see new pictures (she is an amazing photographer) and what she is up to. One thing that I love is that she is as busy as the rest of us, and she came up with a great idea of one project a week. I love it!!! I figure if you give yourself an attainable goal like that, you can accomplish it and possibily surpass it! And doesn't that feel great!! So, my goal of the week was to make a small keepsake book for my final days at the Big 'A' so that I can get important information from my gal pals so we can keep in touch! That project was done by Sunday afternoon and I kept going... I feel like I have gotten so much done now that I completed my simple goal. So, everyone, give yourself the One a Week Goal!!
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