Monday, April 11

It's the little things

I've come to realize lately that I have the mentality of a 80 year old man. I am a total crab about everything, you name it. And it is the little things that really bother me. Urk me. Make my skin crawl. Make me want to shout out profanity like a truck driver. So many stupid little things that I truly hate. Here's the short list (long list to follow):

  1. People who drive, talk on the phone and thus cannot make a turn without swerving way out like they are driving a semi. If you can't talk and drive, don't.
  2. Stepping in gum.
  3. Putting on socks in the morning and then after both are on, realizing they are two different ones.
  4. Men who wear black pants, black socks and brown shoes. I saw you last weekend at millennium Park and it was not a good look.
  5. Really messed up sidewalks.
  6. Waiting in line in the supermarket.
  7. Guys who think they are hot.
  8. Girls who think they are hot.
  9. Bagging my own groceries at the supermarket.
  10. Not having clean towels.
  11. People who talk on the phone in a public place so loud that they can practically just shout to the other person, leaving no purpose for the phone.
  12. Smelly people.
  13. Putting away the laundry.
  14. Really any sort of housework!
  15. Doing things because you have to, not because you want to.
  16. Working two jobs.
  17. Moving.
  18. Going to the bank.
  19. Driving... I would love to have a chauffeur to drive me everywhere.
  20. Having a ton of change in my pocket.
See, stupid little things that in this world bug me, irritate me, rub me the wrong way. I am generally a crabby person, but it seems as though I have aged about 40 years recently. I am UBER-CRABBY GIRL!

I figure at this rate something really rad has to happen soon. There can't be this enormous downward spiral with nothing to contradict it. So, I will wait and complain. And until then, I will continue to bitch and whine, so get used to it.

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