Friday, April 8

Go Cubbies!

So, today is opening day at Wrigley field and it has caused me to ask myself why it is that I love the Chicago Cubs so much. Is it because I have such fond memories of taking that afternoon nap with my dad with Harry Carey's voice in the background? Is it because as a young girl I enjoyed many afternoons with the girls in the bleachers at Wrigley? (back when the tickets were $7 and parents allowed 12 year olds to travel to the park all by themselves) Or is it because they are such losers and yet people adore and worship them?

Not really sure. Probably all of the above as well as the fact that they are soooo Chicago! I love this city and the fact that going to a game at Wrigley is so fun whether they are winning or losing, makes me appreciate and love this Team. I sure miss Harry though. So many times, even when I was young, when I would ask myself (or my dad)..."What did he say? Huh?" He added so much spice to watching the games on the tele. I don't watch too many games all the way through on TV anymore, but I am always up for a trip to Wrigley! (so if you have tickets, count me in!!!)

Go Cubs

"Hello again everybody! It's a bee-ootiful day for baseball."
-- Harry Caray

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