Thursday, April 7

Happy Things

Ok, so it seems that my last post may have been kinda negative so I have been trying to concentrate lately on happy things! Lately I have been in quite a creative mood and I have been trying to harness those creative juices and actually complete some of my goals. One of my major goals this year is to get published and the first step is a step I have been meaning to accomplish for the past two years. I have posted layouts online. It was actually very easy and after it was done, I kinda thought “is that it?” I had thought it would be so much more. More difficult, more exciting, more… something. But it wasn’t. So, now my layouts are online and I am attempting to make myself known in scrapping circles. My layouts are now viewable HERE on 2 peas in a bucket and I also registered for Scrap Submit which makes it easier to get published (supposedly).
So brief list of things that put a smile on my face lately:
* Scrapbooking Blogs which are all conveniently listed
here. It is so interesting to read about other people’s lives and see that they are not much different than me.
* This incredible stamping
site that has a fountain of overflowing information and includes tons of ideas with SU stamps.
New Beck CD…love the groove.
* The idea of making my own purse, which I can at
this place in Chicago and I think I may, if I can afford one.
* New paper that is so wonderful and looks so fun!
Wild Asparagus…even the name is too much!
* The idea that the
ScrapbookExpo is only 15 days away! And then I can buy something. I have been so good on my buying freeze and still creating things! I am taking classes: Out of the Box by Quick Quotes, 10 Things I Love About You by Rusty Pickle, and Not At All Basic (Basic Grey) by PaperKuts.
* Mall Madness Game, bought it recently and still love it as much as I did in 1984!
* My Disney Vacation is only 3 months away!! Woo hoo!!
* I finished my taxes!!
* Max’s revived excitement for Soccer!! He is on the Bears and his schedule is
HERE for everyone to check out, so they can make plans to come to a game.
* Only 5 days til I am Wrigley Field!! Cubs vs. Padres. Can’t Wait!
* The Color Pink, Everything Pink!!
* The Weather here lately, it is gorgeous!
I have to go now, back to the hum drum… I snooze my way through waiting for that wow moment!

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