Monday, December 28

Happy Day!

What a great day!
Christmas is over...Yahoo!
Nothing major on the To Do List, except grocery shopping.
Slept in til 10a.
And Purple Rain is on the DVR.
All is right in the world.

I made these cute little cards just for this kind of occassion.
When you just wanna tell someone, you rock.
They're in My Etsy Shoppe.
Made with the cutest My Little Shoebox papers.

I made these little cuties at home in all my spare time these days.
They are totally like the ones I made back at the store, in September.
See, they were posted here....

And if someone was blind or unable to play those games in the Highlight magazines as a child they may think they were the same cards.
But look!
They're not.
Different tickets, different dollies, even a different green for the grass!
Go ahead take a closer look and play, "One of those things are not like the other."

Here's the original...

Here's my new version, made at home...

Anyone can see these are not the same card.
Because I don't have my original, unfortunately, I left it as well as hundreds of others behind.

Can everyone else see that these are not the same card?
Even though I designed both, I thought it was pretty obvious but maybe it's just me.

If anyone wants to make their own card exactly like this one, feel free!
The paper is sold at All that Scraps and Scrap Boutique and I am sure plenty of other places, search for My Little Shoebox, Little Ladies Collection.

And the cards, my cards that I made at my own house on my own time, are for sale here!
I hope that clears up anyone's confusion.
Thanks and have a great day!

Card details: PP is My Little Shoebox, Tickets are Creative Imaginations/Creative Cafe, Cardstock is Bazzill.


Noel said...

Adorable Simone!!

And please don't tell me someone was trying to begrudge you selling a $4 card....sigh....

Keep your head up! :)

Rita said...

Yep, I can see the difference from YOUR original! Someone trying to take credit for your originals? I luv your cards, way too kool! That paper is too darn cute!

Happy New Year kiddo!

Allison Rankin said...

I love both of these! What fun images and embellies (want!).

Jessica Diedrich said...

I adore them both! Wow-these are the CUTEST Simone! Hope the snow is treating you well in IL...and the puppy too :) I might be back to visit next month and if I do i'll definitely stop in!!!