Wednesday, June 4

Letter Challenge

The challenge over at ScrapYourCrap is near and dear to my heart because well...
My name is Simone and I am a letter sticker addict.
I have a hard time not buying letter stickers anytime they are around.
And no matter how many letter stamps I have and that they are so much more economical (and you know I am a cheap gal), I still can't resist them.
And I use them on almost every page I make.
If you are like me and have a ton too, especially several kinds with certain letters missing (for me, it's S, M and E), then this challenge is perfect for you.
Please join us!
This title on this layout cracks me up!
But they are.
And look at all those letters I'm using up and all those brads too!
And that patterned paper, American Crafts' Celebration line, only cost me 20 cents at a sale a couple weeks ago!


dianna said...

I'm an alpha slut too...even if they're on sale and ugly, I buy them.

I'm totally stoked for you and your new shop...won't be long

Risa said...

Great layout Simone, I love the different types of lettering...way to cool!

Michele Kovack said...

Going to try to do this challenge tonight....when I get out of the damn garden! (weeding....ugh!) Love your page and your title! : )

Rita said...

I have so many letters too & when I run out of a letter, I have to buy another one so I can use it up with the first batch...are we sick or what??? Luv this layout & the title is fun!

Greta Adams said...

would it be totally insame if i tell you yesterday i bought 2 more packs of thickers at the LSS and then 3 packs of felt thickers and 3 gaffer tapes showed up at my door that i won on SIS for NSD....

OY!! i am in heaven