Tuesday, June 3

I totally Frog-ot!

These southside stampers I know get together once a month and do a little stamping and a little swapping of images.
Of course because I am a northsider, I have a hard time making the once a month session.
You should see the tolls I have to pay to get there!
And of course I have been a little busy lately.
But Michele was nice enough to stamp last month's image for me and shoot it in the mail a couple weeks later. (oh, you are more like me than you know Michele!)
She only did because she knew I would have an opinion about a frog fishing.
I mean come on, frogs don't even eat fish!
And if he did, wouldn't he just jump in the water?
But I figured it out...He is fishing for love! Another frog.
A girl frog!
Or boy frog, not that there's anything wrong with that.
Oh, how I justify things to myself for entertainment purposes.

For this card, I finally busted out my Copic Maker Airbrush system and used it on this card and the entire backside of my left hand.
I've had the thing since Christmas and figured since I am taking the Copic Certification next month, I may want to try it at least once before then.

Little froggy is colored with Copic markers and the sentiment is a stamp from Stampin' Up! that I altered. That patterned paper was in my scraps so I haven't a clue who makes it and even though you can't see it, there is a tiny bit of sparkle on the heart from a Spica Pen. Stamp is from Snips 'n Snails, Erica Payne sells these through ebay but I see she currently has none available, so check back later.

The southside stampers cards:


Greta Adams said...

that frog is the best...you know me and my love of frogs...i might need that image!! and the frog-ot...ok that is genius

Michele Kovack said...

Ok we are totally two peas in a pod....I promise next time I WILL slip a note in there....or a novel...my life story....Something! Tooooo cute!!

A Soldier Girl said...

I LOVE YOUR CARDS...they all went into the mail last week .. thank you so much for doing that .. you are just super talented girl ..

Risa said...

Too cute and your coloring is fantastic!!!
p.s I wish the Copic Certification was in my area:(

Anonymous said...

This is so cute!

Rita said...

Oh I luv this card & image, it just made me laugh, it's so darn cute!!!! Luv the sprayed sky & water!

michelle sturgeon said...

LMAO! LOVE this!