Saturday, March 22

Spring RAKs

Just a couple of great RAKs just in time for spring.

This first one is from Melissa using this cute little chick.
It even came complete without glitter, my arch enemy.
Thanks Melissa!
And Michelle is one of my bestest blogger pals, she always sends a cute card when I am least expecting it.
And always in a style that I absolutely LOVE, like these cherries.
I love this card, those cherries are perfect, thank you.

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter Sunday, we are still sick in my house and got a few inches of snow yesterday, so Easter will be spent indoors doing just about nothing.
Back to business on Monday!


Michele Kovack said...

Hope you and Max are feeling better soon! Happy Easter!

liz mataraza said...

hope you are feeling better! hey, you can always hide your Easter eggs in the snow...then you wouldn't even have to actually color them. but then, if you missed a few, by the time it warmed up, you might have a stink yard.

sorry, i'm in a weird mood tonight. :)

Deborah said...

Oh gosh, I sure you all get better real soon! Such a drag feeling crummy! Hang in there! Wonderful RAK's! Deb

Cricket said...

sorry you are still sick Simone :(

sending you some get well vibes and Easter blessings!


kat said...

Get well soon and Happy Easter from across the pond!

glo.riah said...

happy easter you!!

it's cold here, no snow,
but i really thought spring
was here, no more cold!!

Teresa said...

The egg/chick card is TOO cute!!!

michelle sturgeon said...

I am so sick of winter, so tired of snow, and so sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Glad you like the card!

Risa said...

Hello Simone!
Thank you for your warm and kind words, thank you so much.
I love your RAKs, very pretty! I hope that you and Max are feeling better soon, everyone is sick of this "never ending winter"!
Thank you for sharing the great videos Simone, I was in Mississippi for over a week and I miss the warm weather already! Thank you for sharing with us.