Wednesday, February 13


It has come to my attention that we are about 6 weeks into the new year and my resolution to drop at least 10 pounds of the pudge has taken a backseat.
To what you may ask?
Nothing really, I guess all this snow has made me extremely lazy.
And I don't have a gym membership.
And I live above someone, so crazy cardio is my apartment is out.
And I've come to the realization that I love to eat and don't want to "diet" really, so exercise is the only way....
Are you buying any of this?

Well some of the motivation for the weight loss, besides feeling better about myself, is my upcoming (quickly approaching) trips.
Next week I will be visiting my Mississippi girls and would hate to think that I am fatter than the last time I saw them.
And even worse...I have to put on a swimsuit in exactly 30 days!
I am nowhere near bikini ready.
I have no one to blame but myself and plenty of time to workout, I guess.
Anyone with a quick 30 day cure?

The kid was playing with my video camera yesterday and seeing as how we are the only 2 people who live in my house, his choices for subject are pretty limited.
I told him, "Please don't tape me."
I really wasn't doing anything tape worthy anyways.
"Please mom."
"Fine...but shouldersUp me."
"ShouldersUp me! Only shoot me from my shoulders up."
Feel free to use the word and pass it along...


Tanis said...

If you're seriously about dropping 10 really quick, I did the cabbage soup diet and dropped 10 in 14 days. The diet is only 7 days long, but you keep losing weight after you're done. It's super hard, and results vary, and some people might shoot me for saying this (some people think it's unhealthy, but how can eating loads of veggies be unhealthy??)
I sooooo hear you on the being "winter lazy" thing. I seriously need to exercise too. I've only got 8 to go until I'll feel good again...just bought a new TaeBo video this morning. Something new always seems to help. Babble babble. If you want more info on the diet thing, shoot me an email.
(Hey, you asked!!)

Melisa Wells said...

My 30-day cure was knowing that I was going to be lifted in a chair at my son's Bar Mitzvah (story to follow on my blog in the next few days).

I basically just stopped eating as much and I have a nifty computer program that I use to keep track of every morsel I put in my mouth.

I've lost 15 pounds in about 5 weeks...still have a ways to go! :)

Jenn D said...

I have the Elite Boot Camp - the Tae Bo ones and they have resistance bands. There really aren't any crazy cardio moves that will shake the dust off of the chandelier hanging from the ceiling below you. I got them at Target for $27 for the bands and 3 DVD's. I noticed a difference in my muscles in a week and after 3 weeks I felt more toned.

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

I KNOW you asked for help and info about the diet/exercise thing....but, I am definitely WITH you....SHOULDERS UP!...I have said that for YEARS!...beeeeeeesides....the workouts just dont seem FUN! are some really CUTE bathing suits out there...I am sure you'll find the PERFECT one for you!

Donna Baker said...

no real advice, not into fad dieting, I love to eat too. I am totally with you on the ShouldersUp - actually I can handle boobsup but from what I can tell you look GREAT! relax & enjoy life. better yet, watch "How to Look Good Naked" 8:00central on Lifetime on Fridays. that show is GREAT and it makes me feel good while watching it!

Greta Adams said...

cabbage soup diet...hmmmm....sounds interesting!!

eeeeeeekkkkkkkk can't wait until ya'll are here

elizabeth said...

don't worry girl, i've gained about 20 since i last saw ya :)

make ya feel better.
and puhhhlleeease, don't do the cabbage diet until after you leave my house...bwahhahaahhaaa!

glo.riah said...

i'll be telling everyone to
shouldersupme from here on out.


Cricket said...

I'm loving the shouldersup phrase!! I hate exercise and diets too, such drags in life, ya know? Excuse me now, need to go eat some chocolate chip cookies I bought today! LOL


Michele Kovack said...

My advice? Wear a cover up! Than you can eat anything you damn well please! AND, DON'T bring that darn video camera on Friday, or I am not giving you your gifts! : )

Paula said...

Shoulders up is something I always say. Funny, when I was your age, I thought I needed to lose weight. Now that I'm an old lady, and VERY fluffy, I look back on pics from then and realize how good I looked, and how it was in my mind that I needed to diet. You look wonderful, Simone. Have a good time in Miss.

michelle sturgeon said...

I like the "spazzisms"!
Yep, we only do shoulders up around here, too!

Lester R.N. said...

I am new to your blog but my advice is eat smaller portions at every meal. Eat 100 cal pack snacks and try the biggest loser sculpting video. Not a lot of jumping to make your neighbors upset! it is really hard and worth the results! Just an idea. Good luck!