Friday, January 18


It's Friday again {thank goodness}

* My alarm is set to radio in the morning.
To a station that I hate (the Loop 97.9 for locals).
I have to set it to something I hate or I run the risk of sleeping through a song that I like.

Even if it is a loud, wake-you-up kinda tune (i.e. Rage against the Machine, Nirvana, Foo fighters), I can still sleep through it and usually it becomes the background to my current dream.
Most mornings they play songs I hate and it insantly makes me wake.
I can't get up fast enough to stop Pink Floyd.
This morning, the alarm went off and Don't Stop Believin' by Journey was playing.
I love me some Journey.
I hit the snooze.
Nine minutes later, Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar was on.
I love me some Benatar.
I thought to myself, this is gonna be an awesome day!
I usually get up after that snooze but I thought...hat trick?
Hit the snooze.
Some god-awful Nickelback, Lifehouse, Chris Daughtry (they all sound the same to me) crap comes on.....Nooooooo!
Note to self: When the song is good, don't snooze.

* I've been thinking lately, who really comes up with stamp image ideas?
There's been chatter over on SCS about sentiments in the new SU catalog and lately I've seen many images that just make me think..."who thought to know what people want....pigs wearing clothes drinking coffee!"
I love everybody's creations and their designs but sometimes the stamps just make me scratch my head.
Like this, is this a rat opening mail? A possum?
Why would this animal get mail?
Is he raiding a mailbox?
And it's called overwhelming love.
How about a moose and beaver on a bike?
What, you didn't know that these 2 animals were best buds?
Me neither.
Then again, I am the girl who made a card with an octopus wearing a crown.
I say to each his own, but I would love to know who think these up, wouldn't you?

* It is going to be ffffffffreezing here this weekend and you woulda thought we never saw weather like this before.
The city is in a panic.
And it gets cold like this every year, usually way more often than it has this year.
And you would think the apocalypse is coming.
I'm going out tomorrow and I probably won't even wear a hat.
I'm a rebel like that.
4 degrees doesn't scare me!
(expect a post about how sick I am next week!)

* There is a bunch of fun going on over HERE this weekend and I here there are prizes involved.
Prizes are good.

* Bought this bikini for a trip to Jamaica in March.
That's what I need the passport for.
I picked the most chillaxed place I could think of, to stay in line with my word of the year.
If I can't chillax there, I can't do it anywhere.
Now I am making a list of books to read, I may be able to chillax a bit but I am a person who may go crazy with nothing to do for 5 days...seriously.
Suggestions welcome.
Nothing too girlie or sappy...Nick Hornby is my favorite author.

* Anyone watch Talladega Nights?
I've watched it 3 times in the last couple weeks.
I know, insane.
But I can't get enough of it.
And I still laugh hard.
This is..."What should I do with my hands?"

Have a great weekend!


Michele Kovack said...

Hey! YOu dissin (sp?) my High Hopes stamps? What is wrong with a rat opening valentine's mail? What is wrong with a moose riding a bike? IT happens all the time here in Evergreen Park! The squirrels around here are practically family! LOL!

Mimi said...

Chillaxing, mon!

Paula said...

Simone, 4 degrees? you've got to be kidding me, I would be opening up a vein, I'd lose it. WEAR A HAT, already. Ok, now I am being a total mom, stay warm.

Unknown said...

In case you didn't know, I really look forward to your Randomness posts. Sometimes it's like you're inside my head with those random thoughts! LOL!

I agree with Paula....wear a hat!

Risa said...

Too funny
I love to read your random thoughts! Have a great weekend and please don't get sick on us!

Jo said...

Hey Simone, long time no chatting. We've watched Tallagdega Nights a few times recently - it's been showing on Foxtel (our pay TV service here in Australia). I'm hanging out for Blades of Glory, it's due to start showing soon. Check out these for a good read - anything by Matthew Reilly - he's an Australian author and his books are a really engrossing and fast paced. Another one I really liked (and it was the first one of hers I've read) was My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult.

Oh, I've also been waiting to hear your opinion of the new SU! catty - I know you're no longer a demo but I love to hear your opinions.

Denise said...

Simone, I am here in Milwaukee and I just returned from running errands. Dare to be different! Be a rebel! I didn't wear a hat or gloves (kept them in the car in the event I had an emergency need for them) and thought of you. Then realized that is SO like me to not go mainstream with all of this panic regarding the cold. It's Milwaukee, and it's winter, plan for it to be cold. Loved your random thoughts about music to get you out of bed and had to laugh because the same music would make me cough up a fur ball too! Have a COOL weekend! ;)

M. said...

hey now! you had to post a link to the scrap diner?! ohh, i might have to make a purchase....
or twenty.
and a moose and a beaver riding a bike, sounds very canadian, eh? i can say that, i'm a canuck. :) i don't know what 4degrees is in f, because again... i'm canadian and we have -20 Celcius, and i'm far too cold myself. put a hat on!

kat said...

Awww snoozing. Extra three minutes in bed with great music. Great way to start a day.

Tracy said...

Okay, for the record, that critter opening up the mail is my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Martin! For Real Ü She was sub-human and would swear she was a possum in another life..sheez! And, I actually saw beavers and moose in my backyard in Alaska...okay, so they weren't riding a bike, but they trying to get in our shed...probably after the bikes, huh??!! And I'm right there with ya on the cold temps! We block off all the heating vents in our bedroom to make an igloo type setting of 62°F at night! Open up the windows to get the room "primed" for sleepin', too! Yeah, BayBee!
Tracy Ü

glo.riah said...

1. take me with you
2. i look for an excuse to wear hats
3. i wake up to the radio too. but to a station i loove.


blah said...

Love the bikini!!!!!! It's totally you.

We've seen Talledega Nights a lot and in fact the boys frequently use "Shake and Bake" when they're playing games together :-) plus, they'll start in on "I'm coming to get you Ricky Bubbie" (pretend it's a french accent) as they chase each other around.