Friday, January 11


Thank god it's Friday.
This working 5 days in a row is soooo not cool.

There's not much on the noggin today, except a few lists of things to do.

Well maybe there's just a few things...

* I don't know what is more frustrating...
The fact that the kid has beaten me twice at Monopoly in the past week.
Or that Monopoly doesn't have paper money anymore.
What's the deal with that?
During the second round, of this now credit card game, the kid told me, "I don't think you understand how this game is supposed to be played."
He may be right.

* I see a lot of primarily cardmakers are scrapping these days and I am elated.
Woo Hoo!
So awesome to see such great pages from people whom I have only seen cards from in the past.
If you girls are looking for a super friendly scrap site to hang out at, head on over to Scrap Diner.
They are so nice there, no drama!
And my girl, Greta, is on the DT over there...Woo Hoo!

* I used my Bind It All on a little project and I am working on a proper review.
Details next week.

* I'm getting a passport this weekend.
First time in my life!
And I am excited.
And nervous.
What if my picture looks bad?

* The kid saw someone preparing quail on a cooking show last weekend.
He's requested it for our big Sunday dinner this weekend.
So, I need to figure out how to prepare cornish hens.
That's close enough to quail.
And will serve his purpose of eating "a really cool tiny chicken".
He envisions cartoon-like inhaling...insert tiny chicken pull out skeleton.
It should be interesting.
If anyone knows how to best cook a really cool tiny chicken let me know.

That's about it for today.
I need to prioritize some of these lists before the weekend madness begins.

Happy Weekend!


Paula said...

Simone, you crack me up. Have you ever considered doing an open mike nite at a comedy club? :::insert tiny chicken, pull out skeleton::: I think you would be a smash!!!! go to the food network website and do a search for cornish hen. That should tell you how to cook them.

MelissaS said...

Love your Friday randomness! Thanks for the chuckle - here's a good recipe for tiny chickens. One note: if you use a brick, cover it in foil first!,,FOOD_9936_35978,00.html

Rita said...

Wow! Monopoly with credit cards, how will they turn over other childhood games! Wheres the fun in that! I agree with Paula, you make us all laugh & yes you could be a terrific comedianne!

Melissa said...

Your Friday Randomness posts are my favorite because they make me laugh outloud!

Thank you for being you and good luck with the Cornish Game Hens! :)

Many Blessings,

kat said...

Well I know what you mean. What is up with that "banking" credit card Monopoly? I recently went out to buy the original with paper money and all or else it isn't Monopoly at all anymore hehe.

You and Max have a great weekend now Simone.

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

Simone......hey, note to self: YOU are normal!!lol!!!....PS...Please take it as it is written.....Your randomness speaks for us all ( or at least...MANY of us!!)...creative blessings, Debbie

glo.riah said...

lol at the boy's imagination.
if he ends up eating that hen like that please record for our entertainment!!

Risa said...

So....Monopoly doesn't have the paper money any more? I had so much fun playing this game and hoarding the money when I was a kid. I can't imagine playing with credit cards. lol Anyhow..have a beautiful weekend Simone.

Mimi said...

I got a Bind-It-All for Christmas. LOVE it!

Cricket said...

Your blog entries always crack me up! Enjoy the Cornish Hens, I love to make them. I generally just bake/roast them like I would a chicken, and I serve them with some wild rice!

cool on the passport...where ya heading?


M. said...

i saw the cool tiny chickens in the grocery store the other day... i wondered about cooking them too. Not so sure about that in our house though... i have the same vision as you, inserting food, out comes bones... and everyone will still be hungry! maybe i'll check out the foodnetwork link too! sounds like fun to cook them.

Melisa Wells said...

I know! WTF with the paper-less Monopoly game?

We just play the "old fashioned kind" in our house. Ugh.

clhenry99 said...

In my personal oppinion, I dont think you could take a bad picture

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

Gotta love a boys vivid imagination! Good luck with the cooking.
I have the old fashion Monopoly. It just isn't Monopoly without the paper money. Reminds me how disappointed I was going to Atlantic City and realizing they did away with using real coins in the slot machines. What's up with that?

michelle sturgeon said...

Max sounds like such an interesting kid!
So when did Monopoly introduce credit cards? I can't even imagine that.