Thursday, September 6

Halloween Swap News

Well, thanks to everyone who has jumped on my spooky bandwagon and signed up for the Bubble, Bubble, Swap and Trouble!
So far it is turning out to be some of the most fabulous blog crafters I know which is truly exciting.

Be sure to tell all your bloggy buddies to join us, the more, the scarrier.

And it is not to late to join us!!!
Details are here!

And if you are interested in all things Halloweenie, you don't want to miss out on all the creepy cool ideas and news we will be posting over at The Witches' Caldron.


Paula said...

Oh, Simone, I wish I could join, but I'm afraid I won't be able to get the project done, I'll be away for so long! I'll catch you if you ever do this again. Sounds like fun!

Elaine said...

I just posted that I'd like to play!! I can't wait! I also have a couple of co-workers who I think would really enjoy this also!! I will let you know on Monday if that is ok....if they can join!