Thursday, September 6

Gift Card / Cash Holder Tutorial

Well my little nephew turned 15 over the weekend and what does every teenage boy want for his birthday that is the right brand, size and color?
So, I knew that the envelope gift card holder I saw demonstrated over on the Scrap In Style Tv website would be the perfect thing!
If you haven't checked out the webisodes over at SIS yet, you are really missing out, this is just one of many fabulous ideas over there and most in video form....even better!
You don't have to join to view the latest view, to give you a sneak peek and that is where this little tutorial is featured, at the very end of the Tinkering Ink webisode.

Envelope Giftcard/Cash Holder Tutorial

Step 1: Take an envelope, the larger ones work better for giftcards but any size really would work for cash, and fold the sides in like so and then fold down the top.

Step 2: Make a little insert to "hold" the cash or card and is also where you would put your greeting. I eyeballed the size of my paper and it worked just fine. I am using a colored paperclip to hold the cash. The paper is by Dude Designs.Step 3: Place your "card" inside the envelope with cash/card clipped to it and fold shut.Step 4: Make a band that will hold the envelope holder together. I used a strip of paper and just wrapped it around my folded envelope and then cut to size and glued, no measuring here either, aren't you loving the simplicity of this! I added a scalloped circle with a skull rubon and printed his name for the band.Finished!
It's really that simple.
Here's the finished envelope holder, like a little present all in itself.
So, check out SIS if you haven't, this was sooooo not my idea in the least bit and it would be great to have a few more sistahs! (I'm spazzgirl over there too!)


kathleenh said...

Cute holder! I love to have a fun way to give cash and gift cards to those older boy and girls

Risa said...

Very cute holder, and great idea!
I have registered at SIS...great site!

michelle sturgeon said...

Holy cow, this is awesome. I've never seen this before. Really creative way to use an envelope!