Wednesday, August 8


Just skip this whole post if you don't want to hear a major ramble about completely random things.
Seriously, this is like brain exhaust comin' at ya.

Got a menu decided for Friday's party, thousand thanks for all the nifty ideas and links, I swear this blog is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Made a grocery list.
And a To-do list because I have completely neglected my place since the heat has sucked my will to live.

Dropped my camera yesterday.
Cried a little.
Thank god it is still working, I think.

Am I the only person that thinks the new school set from MFT is a little creepy??
I know all their other sets are missing heads too, but this one just seems a little off.
Is anyone with me?
Decapitated teacher is not on my wishlist, for sure.

Pamela tagged me about a thousand years ago to list 7 random things about me and well I completely forgot. So here are some more if you aren't sick of me yet.
1. Michele and I are quickly becoming awesome friends, love that chick!
2. Haven't put on a bathing suit since 2005.
3. I make my bed each night before I get in it.
4. I have a sink full of dirty silverware at home, we've run out of everything but knives.
5. Saw THIS cutting tool for kids at school on TV and now I want one.
6. Haven't had my hair done all summer, so there is 2 inches of brown roots on top of my black hair.
7. Love koolaid, but only the kind you make yourself with only 3/4 cup sugar. (green is my favorite)

All my crafty stuff is in the hottest room in my apartment, so needless to say I haven't touched a piece of cardstock the last few days.
But I did mount a new stamp set last night, is it too early to get ready for Halloween?

Done watching the Rescue Me dvds for Season 3, now I have to wait forever for the current season to come out on dvd.
Poor cable-less girl.
Unless someone has them and can send them to me?? *wink*

In the middle of Weeds, season 2 now.
Love that show.
Anyone got the Netflix and love it?
Let me know, we could be friends and you could get all my crazy movie notes I send all my other friends.

Man, this is totally boring...sorry, better stuff tomorrow.


Melissa K. said...

I can't stand the headless teacher! I also don't like the general headless theme. :( Regarding the cutting tool, that made me laugh because my DH got me the Crayola cutter for Christmas after he saw it advertised on TV. :)

Donna Baker said...

oh man - I LOVE these kind of posts of yours! I may not always reply, but I read them all! I'm with you on the school set from MFT, actually DH loathes all their sets because the headless idea is all around creepy. Now it's making ME re-think them! Oh well, We have & {HEART} Netflix! Yes, I want to hear what you have to say about movies. I TOTALLY AM INTO WEEDS! So is DH (luckily we got showtime for free and we got caught up on both seasons!) We would watch HOURS each night, going to sleep LATE to watch 'one more' We also got hooked on DEXTER (it's about a forensic guy who works for Miami PD and and is a serial killer who kills other serial killers because they deserve it. Man, that show is AWESOME! Funny too. You need to get with me about your netflix posts. Email me from my blog!

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you with the headless people. When I first seen a card done with these stamps I thought that someone had done it purposly and I thought (Why would someone cut off their head?) I then kept seeing these Images everywhere and then I found out that they are SUPPOSED to be like that.. WHAT?!?!?!?! Totally know what you mean!.. :)
I loved reading your little ramble!!.. :)

katemade designs said...

I dislike ALL the headless stamps. Maybe they thought people would put their own heads on these but no one does -- at least no one who is posting.
I love these tools and now I will be on the look out for them too. You are such an enabler -- it's one of the many things I like about you.

Crafty Connie said...

The headless teacher is creepy. Maybe you're supposed to put a pic in place of the head. However, if the scale is off then she either has a pin head or a ginormous head. All in all it is creepy.

Melissa said...

Hahaha! Have I told you how much I enjoy your posts? Many times it's because we all have those same thoughts that you do, but we just don't admit it to anyone.

Thanks for the giggle!

Risa said...

You know you say things that nobody else ever says. I love that about you, I mean the "for-realness". I like to come here because I always leave with a chuckle and see some beautiful cards! BTW..from the picture on your post, you resemble that girl that is the star of HBO's Weeds. Did anybody every say that to you before?

Jo said...

Yep, headless teacher is totally creepy. Weeds was on here over summer, hopefully we'll see it again this year.

Mimi said...

Tee hee, I like green kool-aid the best as well.

And, I actually jumped back when I clicked on the headless teacher, eeeek.

michelle sturgeon said...

I love these kinds of posts...not boring at all!
I wore a bathing suit last year while in Salt Lake City and enjoyed the hotel pool. Not once since then.
I do not like Headless Teacher. I don't mind the others, though I don't own any.
WOW, Malieta thinks you look like Mary-Louise parker! That's a compliment if I ever heard one!
(BTW, loved her on the West Wing, too).
Love reading your blog, Simone!

M!ssPr!ssy said...

I don't like bella stamps either... there I said it. I didn't "get" as in understand them and the headless bellatype from MFT aren't on my wish list either.

elizabeth said...

okay, i don't think the headless folks are creepy which kinda creeps me out.

girl, you're a rescue me nut??? all these years we could have been talking about rescue me???? how come i didn't know this. we got to watch the first two or three episodes of this season, but now that we don't have cable, we'll have to wait. shit, i'm mad that we haven't been talking about it. and can i just tell ya, i'm still fucked up over the episode where his son gets hit by a car.

oh and yay!!!! another person who doesn't like a lot of sugar in her koolaid.....mike likes over a cup....yuck!!!

damn i lurve you!

Michele Kovack said...

Hey girl, I am back! And thank you so much for liking me! I like you tons too! Now, the thing is you ARE coming over next week with "the kid." and If I have to wear a bathing suit YOU have to wear a bathing suit....I promise I won't take pictures and post them on my blog though!!!! I'll make sure I have cocktails for ya!!!

Kristina Lewis said...

You are so funny! I also don't like the headless teacher!! Wasn't Charlie Brown's teacher headless?! That always bugged me! What's up with the no swimsuit? You could totally wear them! I on the other hand....

Julie S. said...

Oh I totally agree and said so on another blog -- I used to teach, and the whole headless thing is supposed to enable you to "put yourself there" I think -- but it is not working for me in this set AT ALL. I do like some of the other stuff -- but the newer sets are not doing it for me... just me, though! (or maybe some of you, too ;^)*

Sharon in NE said...

Dislike all the headless ones. The Bellas had heads and stick arms, these had bodies and no heads. I think the artists should work together.
Love Rescue Me. Love this blog.

Lorrie said...

You crack me up! And yes, that headless teacher creeps me out! The Crayola Cutter thingy is awesome! Gotta find those!

Unknown said...

I am still laughing out loud at your post. One of the things I love about you is that you just *say it* and get it out there. Too funny!

Rose said...

The headless stamps are pretty creepy but I've read some posts on SCS and some people love them. I was originally on the fence about the Bellas but now I love them. Thank goodness for all the companies out there!

Crafty in Calgary said...

LOL! I love your post! And NO, you are not the only person thinking that the headless person is creepy. That one creeps me out! :)

Deborah said...

You are histerical! My DD and I were just chatting about these headless images! The only one I have is Celbration, the headless chick walking her 3 dogs! LOl Love your blog, stop by and visit soon! Deb

Crafty in Calgary said...

Maybe they could make a headless pumpkin guy on a horse for Halloween?

Donna C. said...

Since I am the only one here so far that LOVES the headless people---I really do love those sets-- I win the prize, right? LOL I find them artistically creative and I like that they could be anyone. That really appeals to me!

Rita said...

I don't like the headless stamps myself...always thought that was a little too weird for me. I luv netflix! Have been a member since Dec. 2000. Would like to hear your take on movies. I just luv totally cool you are with your ramblings...thats why we all keep coming back & your cards are great too, girl! You are Rockin' Keep up the good work.


Maria said...

Haha! Yes, I feel the headless teacher is a bit weird but it would be a great Halloween card to give to a teacher . . .just add a pumpkin head! Haha! Ummm, maybe not. It would probably be traumatizing for a teacher to receive a headless teacher card. She'll think there's a hidden message and probably report your child to the police.