Friday, July 13


Did ya hear that in my best carnie voice...Winnah! We got a Winnah here!!

Loved all the great advice about dealing with a good 'ol fashioned tantrum because that was pretty much what I was doing.
I am like many of you...
I was pouting and behaving like a 2 year old.
If someone was here to see me I woulda thrown myself on the floor and kicked and screamed, but without an audience the whole scene is kinda pointless, right?

First thing I do when I am ticked at the injustice of the world, well maybe not the world, but if I need to vent, I go straight to my girlie, Greta. She will vent right along with me, foul mouth and all. I feel so like I got someone on my team, like I called my sister to beat them up!
She made me laugh so hard yesterday I spewed.
Thanks girl!

Then I went to Whole Foods last night for Beerfest, totally cool!
Tastetested about 30 different ones and it was a blast, made me totally forget what I was stewing about it.

Then I had to call Tech support today and was at boiling point again....
(if you work in tech support, I'm sorry, I am one of those meanies that call)
So I just screamed...yep, out loud.
No one was here, so it didn't matter.
And I felt better.
Well, I felt better after I gave them a piece of my mind too.

So thanks for the great tips!

Oh...that's right...The Winnah!

Heather S. said...
When I am upset I just stew about it and keep it all bottled up inside until I either explode and yell at people around me or I will end up crying it out at night. Not the most theraputic way to deal with it, but that's what I do.

Girl, I stew too. About almost anything.
But I am stubborn and can hold a grudge like nobody's business!

So the coasters are coming to ya! Shoot me an address.

And check out Heather's blog....HERE.

BTW...Loved checking out all your blogs, so totally cool to meet so many cool new peeps!!


Rose said...

You are hilarious...I'm hooked!

CraftyEngineer said...

Love your blog!

You've been tagged!

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elizabeth said...

oh i'm so jealous that your whole foods is close!

mine is in new orleans. i could spend hours in that store. what can i say, i'm a sucka for cool packaging and i love to grocey shop!

Greta Adams said...

bwhahaha glad i made ya laugh! know or blow girl that is the key....i suggest you get to blowin....hhehehehehehe

clhenry99 said...

i just love your blog! you seem so fun!
thanks..i check back often!