Friday, July 13

I Wanna Be Like U

I am loving all your frustration dealing techniques, keep 'em coming!
If you haven't posted an idea, there's still time to get your name in the hat for some free coasters...Just post over HERE before 2pm today (Friday CST).
Only post once, that's only fair.
I'm picking randomly.
I'll post the winner about 2:30p.

One more page with my favorite, Scenic Route paper.
I love you, Scenic Route, wanna get married?

This page is all about how my Max is always trying to be just like his Unkies.
He dresses like them.
He acts like them.
He listens to their music, most of which I have never heard of.
And depending on which one is being nicest to him at the moment, that is the one he wants to be "just like".

Lucky for me, they are both good guys, and emulating either of them is fine in my book.

I cut those arrows myself, in case you thought a 5 year old did that.
And those brads are like 5 years old, from Making Memories, see they look like screws. I thought that was way cool 5 years ago.
And these pictures are from last year, can't believe how much bigger Max is than in these pictures, I need to add a date!


Elizabeth Royalty said...

you totally rock out the scrapping. i wanna scrap like you. :)

guess what, tho? I have those brads, too! A whole, whole bunch of them.....

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Very cool page! The design is awesome.

Michele Kovack said...

Hey, I like those "screw" brads...have some myself...that sounded kinds dirty! Hee, hee! Love this page....totally cool!