Tuesday, July 10

SU Catalog Review

Alright, I've collected my thoughts about the new catalog and I'm ready to share.

My first impression....Eh!
The past three years, even before I was a demo, I would devour the new catalog like I couldn't get enough. I would flip through the pages over and over, excited by all the sets, samples...I couldn't put it down.
Well, I got my catalog Saturday morning, took it on my Indiana roadtrip and didn't even peak at it again til yesterday.
It didn't grab my attention the way it has in previous years.
Nothing totally fresh.
Nothing so flippin' cool I couldn't wait to tell someone about it.
No set that grabbed my attention and forced me to order it immediately.

There are many, many, many sets that look alike.
They are still so behind the times...come on, catch up!
They now offer a 1" circle punch, but not the 1" square?!!
And they offer the flowers now but you have to die them yourself! That came out with Making Memories 5 years ago!! Seriously, catch up!

My wish list is 12 items long.
How sad.
There are way too many cute sets, too much cartoony.
They added Big Flowers (pg 95) and retired Big Blooms...Same set!!
They retired the birthday SS kit from last year and added a new one exactly the same but different colors...stupid!
How come great stamp sets have terrible sentiments with them? Too much "joy" and "cherish", not enough Thank you or thinking about you.

Things that are cool in or about the new catalog:
Layout is so much better! Love the add ons on the bottom of the pages.
Projects are great on the section break pages.
Offering more sport stamps broken out by sport is ingenious.
The Build a Brad kit looks cool, totally on my list.
There are some very versatile wheels this year and that is awesome at that price.
Chipboard is totally cheap and a better variety...nice!

That's about it.
I've been thinking about dropping for a little bit now.
Some of the "rules" and rulebreaking that is tolerated has really rubbed me the wrong way.
So this may be the straw.
We'll see.
Anyone who usually gets a catty from me, I got one for ya, don't worry.
And you can decide what ya like for yourself.

And then you can explain to me what the Build a Flower sets on page 178 are. Are those stickers?? Not very clear in the catalog, I'm confused.


Unknown said...

Good Morning Simone! I'm sorry you're not so excited about the new catty! The build a flower are the self adhesive die cuts like what we get in the Scrap Kits. I think it's a great option without having to pay for the full kit. Last I had heard about the build a brad was that SU was having quality issues and that it wasn't available. Double check their website to make sure. There are a few sets that I'm excited about getting but compared to the amount I lost in the retired, it doesn't come close. I think that's why they are going with a new catty every 6 months so that they can try and catch up with the trends. With the pretties kit, I think they wanted to offer options while they find a manufacturer who can die them the SU colors. Maybe I'm just hoping. Just be thankful it's only 6 months and we'll get a holiday mini in the fall. Have a great day!

Denise Bryant (imchatty) said...

I totally agree with you Simone! I was so unimpressed with the stamp selection in the new catty. Nothing really jumped off the pages screaming at me to purchase. After 7 years as a demo, I finally dropped. I put in my last order from the new catty and it was mostly paper and accessories....maybe 2 stamp sets....not enough to make my quota but I am not crying over it. In the last year, I have discovered a whole new stampin world. LOL So you aren't the only one that wasn't thrilled.

Mimi said...

I'm so sorry you aren't excited about the catty. Sigh. That is a difficult decision.

Greta Adams said...

i am thinking about not doing it anymore....i have already given up doing workshops...if someone wants to order i will place their order but that's about it. That i think is the problem with them they are way behind and i too think that is why they are doing the 6 month thing. I did like some stamps in there, however i have yet to thumb through it but a few times....so i guess i'll just sit back and wait to see if i go inactive....lol

michelle sturgeon said...

You make some good points...retiring sets then coming out with sets that are SO similar! That just sucks for the demo! The price increase on the Scrapping kits is outrageos!
I do lke the whole BoHo West theme though! Ordered almost all of it! (not the SS kit...no way is SU getting my 27.95 for a few sheets of paper and some stickers!)
I agree about the wheels!

Heather S. said...

I had the same impressions as you about the catalog. If it weren't for a really great customer I wouldn't be a demo anymore either. I'm just waiting out the end of my demonstratorship and will probably spend the last of my time building my paper supplies before completely ending. Too many changes the past few months that I don't like.

Unknown said...

I totally agree. Granted, I do not sell SU! I am a Close To My Heart Consultant. But the last catalog I was counting change to get the stamp sets and things that I wanted before they retired and this one, I don't think I even found 1 stamp set that I REALLY wanted. It is just not a good book I don't think. All of the stamp sets remind me of little kids drawings. I don't know, it is sad that we have to be stuck with this catalog until the next one comes out. :(

Lorrie said...

Hey Simone! I was a little dissapointed in the new catty and I haven't poured through it like I did last year. I was excited to see the scallop punch, the crop-a-dile and the new in-colors and I really like the layout, too. I had an open house last week and my customers really liked the catalog and placed a pretty good order so I was happy about that. We'll see how the next 6 months go and hopefully the next catty will be better.

Alyssa said...

This is my 9th year as a demo. I am growing tired of how often they make major changes that cost me $$$ (having to replace stuff). My wish list wasn't very long either...mostly accessories. I put in my first order last week and the scalloped punch (which is one of the main things I was excited about) is having quality control issues and is not shipping with my order.

I love that we are selling "prima" flowers now, but you must be crazy if you think I am going to spend that much for their pretties kit just to get them from SU! I agree with you too!