Thursday, July 12

Since the kid is gone...

I've been pretty much doing whatever I want.
Oh, didn't I tell you, my little guy is on vacation this week, so I am totally free this week.
It's good and bad.
Good because I could get stuff done or scrapbook all night and never have to stop except to pee or get a drink.
Bad because without the little guy around, I don't stick to any sort of schedule or routine and so I forget to do stuff like eat dinner, go to bed at a decent hour or maybe do some of the things on my lengthy To-do list for the week.

Without responsibility, I am kinda lost.
I found myself eating a piece of string cheese at 10:30 last night because I forgot to eat dinner...duh!
This morning I got up, showered and then started watching TV because there was no one around to make lunch for and get ready for camp...9:15 I realized I shoulda been at work already...duh!
Seriously, I think that if I didn't have that kid, I would just be a huge disorganized mess.

But on the upside, I sat in my new crafty room last night and just played and played, lost track of time completely. And I made these.

"Found" those buttons and once I used them once, I couldn't stop using them...obviously.

See my method??
Get some good, bold patterned paper, preferably Scenic Route or Chatterbox.
Use good cardstock, like Bazzill.
And make everything neat and straight.
Group pictures together preferably and use as many as possible, I've got a lot of pictures!

I think all my layouts are starting to look alike...sheesh.
You don't realize it til you see them side by side.

PS. Don't forget to post your tantrum routine over at THIS POST to win some free coasters, if you like that whole freebie thing.


Kristina Lewis said...

I love your style woman! You are a star! No wonder you are so thin! I never forget to eat!

michelle sturgeon said...

LOVE the LOs! The bold colours and all the buttons are awesome!