Wednesday, July 11


Tantrum over.
Fair police called, complaint filed.
They are still trying to solve my complaint of 2004 about my siblings, so they may not get to my current complaint for a while.

Crisis averted.
Public tantrum avoided...Phew!
That was a close one, seriously.
I am one chica that has a problem keeping her opinions to herself, so I am glad I learned to walk away for a bit, or run off and craft for a bit!

On to good stuff.
I promised good stuff and here some:
Got my new Stamps today and had to use these right away.
I needed coasters, the ones I was using were stolen from the Outback Steakhouse.
I was promoting the Bloomin' Onion in my living room.
And they were starting to make me want one.

So I quickly stamped these, in a variety of colors, to see what I like best.
And what matches my I have a decor!!
That was a good one.
Nothing in my house matches, not even my dishes.

I sealed one with Matte Finish Modge Podge to see if that was the way to go.
I'm test driving it for the night with a nice cocktail, so I'll let you know if that is the way to go when the testing is completed.

BONUS: I will randomly pick someone who comments on this thread with the way they handle their own personal frustrations with 30 brand new coasters, just waiting to be stamped and hold your very own cocktail!
I will randomly pick on Friday afternoon! Comment now!!!


kathy said...

I have disassociated myself from my brother because everthing about him was an explosion ready to happen. Probably not the best way to handle the problem but for my sense of sanity its what I had to do. Other then him I usually try to talk and work through my problems.

Crafty Connie said...

I go shopping!!!
Why do you think I have so many craft supplies and shoes?
Hang in there Simone!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

watch out... morbid atheist advice ahead:

well, I don't believe in God or an afterlife, so when things really bug me, I remind myself that I have one life to live. That's it.

Really, I am a happy person (although when you write it all out like that, it sounds kind of depressing.. LOL!)

michelle sturgeon said...

I avaoid confrontation. Sometimes I pout and go to bed. Sometimes I tell DH. Sometimes I scream really loud!

Lisa Bohler said...

I like to break or pound things. When I was a child, we used to burn our garbage in a hole on our farm. This left lots of glass burned but not broken. I would go and through rocks and break the glass. I usually was done steaming after 10 minutes of throwing. Popping bubble wrap does offer some very nice therapy. Especially when you have the "big" bubbles and you can just walk across a sheet to break....AAAHH...All better! Blessings on your problems and as a Libra, I like things fair, too, so I understand!

Paula said...

Okay, Simone, think like this, is the other person even WORTHY of you getting upset at? In the bigger scheme of things, YOU are the better person, KWIM? They are probably asshats to begin with.

Paula said...

Oh, and by the way, Love the coasters. That stamp set is way cool.

Melissa said...

Hahaha! Great question Simone! I tend to be an emotional person and when I'm mad, all I want to do is be alone, commiserate with my own thoughts, maybe call my mom and yell a little and then spend some more time alone. It helps to have someone you can talk to to get things off your chest! What a better place than a blog?!

Fabulous coasters by the way!

Melissa K. said...

Your coasters are LOVELY!

I'm sorry things feel unfair right now. When I'm trying to get past something, if I'm really pissed off, I've been known to put the dogs out of the room, and beat the bed with a tennis racket. This doesn't happen often for me though because I work hard at letting things roll off and at picking my battles. Don't let the jerks get you down! Good luck and I hope happiness returns soon. :)

Mimi said...

I love these coasters! Wow!

I need to take some quiet time when things are ramping up, prayer and reading both help me to calm down.

Allison Rankin said...

I have to go for a walk...if I open my mouth, look out!

Jeni said...

The coasters are beautiful!!!

I do one of two things. I either slam doors, cupboards, or anything nearby. If ia am VERY upset then I just walk away because if I don't then LOOK OUT!

Cheryl KVD said...

Hello! I handle my frustrations by doing yoga. It is pretty easy to do and it gets my focus onto doing the poses instead of what is frustrating me. I come away from it feeling so much happier and relaxed. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I usually vent to my husband (he puts up with sooo much!) and then try to do something "I" want to do :) to step away from things! Hope this helps :)

Angel said...

Working out is a good way, but quiet time helps too!!

Scott Franson Photography said...

I tend to find a quiet place in my mind and home and hopefully just recharge for a while, or a drive always works.
You have a great blog!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Here's what I do.... I pray and if that doesn't work I pray harder. Actually if that doesn't do it than I ask someone close to me to pray with me and I go to God's word for advice and peace that only He could give. It's worth it too.

Anonymous said...

I will talk to someone I love about what is going on or creatively outlet me frustrations through stamping.

ikkinlala said...

I listen to loud music. Sometimes I dance.

Or I bake bread. Kneading dough is a great way to release tension.

blah said...

There are so many ways I do it. When I used to be pissed at my ex, I'd work out and imagine smashing his head in between dumb bells :-)

Sometimes, I go into a room (like the bathroom), lock the door, and jump up and down and scream. Occasionally, I go for a drive and listen to loud music. Finally, there's always alcohol ;-) Dh and I joke around that we gotta liberate Cuba and have our share of Cubra Libres--make mine Diet Coke with Lime and Bacardi :-)

Hang in there.

Lilian said...

i put on my favorite jammies and jump in to bed and sleep my troubles away. :)

Hey Hey Paula said...

I call up my best friend and vent to her. We've known each other forever and we can always make each other feel better.

Pattyjo said...

I stay clear of people who make me feel bad. I avoid them like the plaque and seek out ones who I enjoy being around. Life is to short to allow the bad ones to bring us down. Hang in there and it sounds like you have a bunch of rubber ladies pulling for you! LOL

Michele Kovack said...

I actually act like a 3 year old! I stomp my feet and scream and husband aggravates me more by laughing at me! Sometimes I get sooo mad that I just sit and cry!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I just found your site thru Allison! its so fun to read! I will be spending some time here lol. I think I have done all the things on your list! lol.

ok to get my anger out I vent to a girlfriend or hit a pillow! lol. We use tennis rackets and hit a couch pillow while yelling and pretending the pillow is the person! if I'm not near a pillow I will but the persons name on some tape and put it under my shoe and go for a walk! lol

ok now that you think Im nuts :)

Jan Scholl said...
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Jan Scholl said...

You use BWAHAHAHAHA too? I thought I was the only Blue Beetle reader.

If I am totally frustrated I go for a long run at midnight and then come home and bake bread or cookies. Usually the cookies are for the one frustrating me so bad but he gets up at 4 AM and takes them to work and then I am solo!!

Pat said...

Usually being nice to person that is not so nice really throws them off. I have to decide if this issue is worth getting upset about or not? Life is way too short and I would rather enjoy each day to the fullest.


Lorrie said...

I think that I rant and rave around the house until I feel better, I'm not sure though. Usually when that happens (and it's not very often), I become a different person and then I don't remember doing it! I work with my mom so I have learned how to keep my mouth shut on the most part.

emily anderson said...

i like to punch and scream into a pillow, since doing that to an actual person could land me behind bars :)
emily anderson

Anonymous said...

Well, I am very passive. I am one to step away from a potentially bad situation. I usually keep my mouth shut in fear that it will just get worse. But when I have had too much to handle I usually call up my great friend Heather and vent to her. Then usually I like to take sometime just by myself, away from everyone I know and go shopping. Even if I don't buy anything, it gets my mind off of everything.
I love those coasters too! Beautiful.

Colleen, PA said...

I'm like you...I have to say it and I have to talk about it until I am satisfied that I've said my peace. This poses a problem in my marriage since my husband smiles and says that he has nothing to makes me want to punch him. Of course, I tell him that and then his smile turns into a laugh (under his breath) and hence...the circle of my life continues. :)

One good thing: I'm not so stubborn that I won't apologize first. Once I get the confrontation out of my system I am usually quick to move on...I can almost always say that I am sorry. Life is too short to carry unnecessary baggage.

Heather S. said...

When I am upset I just stew about it and keep it all bottled up inside until I either explode and yell at people around me or I will end up crying it out at night. Not the most theraputic way to deal with it, but that's what I do.

Gina Wrona said...

I guess it would depend who or what I am frustrated with as to how I handle it.

if it's my dh, then we verbally argue until it turns into the silent treatment and i wait for him to makeup with me especially if i was right and he was wrong.

if it is with what, well then i try to walk away or take some type of a break to clear my head then go back with a different perspective.

Unknown said...

My biggest frustration right at this moment is my husband. I bought an 10x10 tent thingy to sit under in the heat in the backyard. I bought it in April and need help putting it together. I started to do it by myself on the hottest day of the year so far, Tuesday. It takes two people. we attempted last night and got in a huge fight. (He's not handy and it hurts hsi pride if I ask someone else for help) Big Baby! So needless to say, it's still not put together. He dragged it off the lawn so he could cut it and there it sits....


Elaine said...

Best way for me is to turn on some music and stamp! OR, go to hubby and vent... I can't say that he enjoys it -- but he sure is a lifesaver at times when I really get riled up!