Tuesday, July 31

Shockers of the Day

Never seen a pink monkey before?
This little guy just makes me laugh.
He is actually the only animal I have used from the entire Zoofari set!
Made this for another challenge over at the Dirty Dares.
Coloring this little guy pink made me chuckle.

I like making myself laugh.
Pretty easy with a pink marker and a monkey stamp.

Today is a big day for me.
It is the final day I need to decide about being a Stampin' Up! demo.
Went into pending this month because I am just not working it like I used to.
I've been a demo over two years and in the beginning it was good, but never great. And now I feel like I am at a crossroad and trying to decide whether to put up with the stuff that has ticked me off for the past 6 months any longer, or just throw in the towel?

Hard decisions.
I know many people who have had to make it.
The only thing is my poor downline, don't want to desert those girls.
Really that's probably the only thing that is even making me consider it for a second.

So today may be my official last day with SU.
Could be.


Abra Leah Cross said...

Lovin' the pink monkey! Makes me want to make some pink elephants! :)

That IS a hard decision!! YIKES! Your downline will be frustrated, of course, but will understand that you have to do what is best for you. Best of luck!!!

Mimi said...

Hugs and prayers on the decision. You have a fabulous eye for design and your cards sing, but that will happen regardless.

Paula said...

Love the pink monkey. I know you will make the right decision re what you want to do with SU. If you're not feeling it anymore, it will show through. Good luck.

Elizabeth Royalty said...

ditto everyone else. if it's not fun, don't do it! but if you think there's any chance you might really be spending that $100/month with SU regardless, then stay a hobby demo for the discount... like me! :)

and I'm sure they'll love you no matter what! :)

Elizabeth Royalty said...

p.s. that pink monkey is too cute!!!

Crafty Connie said...

Love the card!!!

You do what you want to do regarding SU. Do not worry about me at all. I'm in it for the discount and if I sell stuff to others, all the better. You have to do what you feel is right. Be true to yourself.

Mark's Finest Papers said...

What a fantastic card! I love it!

Kathy W said...

Love the monkey card. I am having a very "blue" day (my dog died last Friday)...up pops that pink monkey card and I smiled wide in spite of myself. You have totally made my day. Thanks for sharing a wonderful, whimsical card...good luck with your decision..do what is best for you.

Jo said...

Wow, good luck with your decision. No matter what happens though, I know that we will still continue to see fantastic creations here on your blog. Thank goodness for technology. ((((Hugs)))

blah said...

The pink monkey is super cute! I was in pending but got out so I've got another quarter to get through. Then again, I'm really a hobbyist with a teensy tiny customer base and one downline so at this point, I'm limping along for awhile. I figure that I'll make it through January because I can easily spend the rest to make my minimum by replenishing my consumables so that will get me through this quarter and I'll go pending at the end of December and we'll see what the next catty (and my checkbook) bring.

Good luck with your decision and I'm sure you'll let us know soon :-)

Unknown said...

Your pink monkey is just too freakin' cute!

I've never been a demo, so honestly I can't offer any advice other than that you should do what your heart tells you. You are super talented, and obviously you enjoy stamping. Do what's FUN...without obligation (if it's avoidable).

A tough decision, I know.

{{{Hugs}}} to you, my blogging friend!

Risa said...

The pink lil monkey got a chuckle out of me too. I think he is cute!
Whatever decision you make, make the one that is in your heart.